Steam Summer Sale 2022 10 games you can’t miss for less than 100 baht!


Only 1 week left. Steam Summer Sale 2022 This round of PC game big sale is over. Which we have compiled 10 good games to play at a value price of less than 100 baht. Let’s introduce each other without ranking.

**This is a personal opinion of the team only.

Black Desert Online

An online MMORPG Open World that has been praised by players for its fun, spectacular graphics. as well as a variety of careers within the game In this festival, the game is discounted by 90 percent to 20 baht.

Left 4 Death 2

The legendary FPS zombie shooter from Valve that has impressed many fans with its horror and thrilling gameplay. as well as having Thai language as well In which this festival the game is discounted by 80 percent, only 37.80 baht.

Muse Dash

Fighting game mixed with music. The players will have to press the right rhythm. to fight against the enemies The game presents the cuteness of the characters. with the most beautiful songs And the most fun fight The game is discounted by 82 percent to 15.30 baht.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Remastered version of the famous city building game. In the game, players will have to manage a medieval city to survive the brutal war. Both in terms of resources, economy, building landmarks, the game has been reworked to have beautiful graphics and more beautiful soundtracks, with a 70 percent discount to 86.70 baht.

Payday 2

Sequel to the famous crime game. which is a full range of robberies and robberies such as bank robberies, drug trafficking, etc. that will make players feel thrilled like they are in a real event, the game is discounted 90 percent to 19.90 baht

Street Fighter V

The fifth part of the street fighter fighting game with familiar characters. And the graphics developed from the previous sectors may not describe much of the fun of this game The game is reduced by 75 percent to 99.75 baht.

Injustice 2

A fighting game of DC fighters, which in this sector, besides being fun, also has beautiful graphics and a very spectacular Special Attack move. The game is reduced by 85 percent to 86.85 baht.

LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes 1 and 2

Marvel heroes adventure game in LEGO style. In addition to the fun of the story and the battle of the well-known superheroes. It also takes the idea of ​​building Lego to get through each point as well. The first game is reduced by 75 percent to 92.25 baht, while the second part is reduced by 75 percent to 78.75 baht. There are also many Lego game series that are discounted during this period, and the price is less than 100 baht. You can view it at store

Aliens vs. Predator™

An FPS style game where players will face off against alien monsters. that is both fast and exciting, the game is reduced by 80 percent to 63 baht

Alan Wake

One of the outstanding horror games from developer Remedy, the game has an engaging story and fun that you want to try. The game is 65 percent off to 83.65 baht.

However, all recommended games are only part of this sale. There are still a lot of good and cheap games out there. The Steam Summer Sale 2022 will end on July 8th at 0.00 AM. You can visit the Steam store page here.


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