Steam supports new one-handed practical work “Cosplay Simulator”, you can install H animation simulator “Sword x Hime” freely | 4 Gamers

The two-person development team Kazuya and tensun3d, which has launched the well-received adult 3D game “Sword x Hime”, brought another urgent new work “Cosplay Simulator” last weekend. This is not a pure Cosplay simulator, but rather a simple and functional 3D adult H screen player.

“Sword Girl” produced in 2020 is a beautiful girl action hacking and slashing adult game. It basically allows players to play the role of Sword Girl to kill enemies on the battlefield. If they lose unfortunately, they will see the scene of passionate interaction.


According to the game development status report, the development team plans to make the next new game, but “Sword Girl” has reached the end of sales and there is a shortage of money, so tensun3d launched “Cosplay Simulator”.

“Cosplay Simulator” has been launched on Steam, which supports one-handed operation and setting of character sex scenes for free.


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