Steam ‘Synched’ TPS online/threshold pre-registration begins

Data provided – Infinite Level

Next Studio is holding pre-registrations on Steam for the TPS (Third Person Shooter, third person shooting game) ‘SYNCED’, developed by the company and scheduled to be served by Level Infinite, starting today.

Synchronized is an abbreviation of ‘Synchronized’, which means synchronization, and is an online TPS-based roguelike shooter set in a near-future world where nanotechnology has become the backbone of civilization . [붕괴]Following the so-called cataclysm [나노스]He transforms into a creature called Humanity faces a dangerous situation that threatens its survival. [러너]will be responsible for Players are divided into groups of three, and is a game where intense PVE (player vs computer) and PVP (player vs player) battles are fought.

SYNCED has a variety of fun points, such as a background that expresses the post-apocalyptic world with excellent technological artwork, guns and equipment of different concepts, colorful attack patterns with original design monsters, and repetitive gameplay unique to roguelikes . Among them, what is special is the unique ability of the player, which is a new approach in third-person shooter games that provides the ability to synchronize with nanos to make enemies into allies. Options are provided to synchronize with various nano classes, and various loadout combinations that players can set themselves emphasize new experiences and fun.

Pre-orders will receive a generous amount of in-game merchandise as well as a Glory Outfit and Nano Skin upon opening.

Pre-registration for SYNCED is available on the SYNCED website, and more information about the game can be found on the official website and the Steam website.

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