Steam will not be put on the shelves, the PC version of “Chaos Mind Noah” will try to release a new platform | 4 Gamers

The game “CHAOS; HEAD NOAH” published by Spike Chunsoft was originally scheduled for October 7th

Launched on Steam, but urgently calling for the card, Spike Chunsoft said it will try other platforms to launch it.

“Chaos Thoughts Noah” was first released in Japan on Xbox 360 in 2009, and later on PSP, iOS Android, PS3, PSV, and Switch.

Spike Chunsoft said in the announcement that Steam asked him to modify some of the game’s content, but Spike Chunsoft said that if it was changed, it would hurt the gameplay a lot, so it couldn’t be launched on Steam, I’ I hope fans can forgive me.

Although Spike Chunsoft did not specify which parts there are, there is some curious content in the game, so it can be speculated that this part failed the Steam review.


“Chaos Thoughts Noah” and “Stone Gate” share the same world view, describing the protagonist Takuma Saijo to solve the truth of a series of serial murders in Shibuya.

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