Steam’s half price “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” rebounds to extremely high praise, 2022 spring expansion is scheduled | 4Gamers

In December 2020, “Cyberpunk 2077” (Cyberpunk 2077) became a nightmare of CD Projekt Red and a new meme for fans all over the world. At that time, due to many BUG and promotional content that did not match the expectations of the game, plus PS4, Xbox One Encountered serious performance problems and suffered a lot of negative reviews.

Since the launch of the Steam Autumn Sale on the 25th, so far, “Dian Yu Renke 2077” has been updated for a year, and has received more than 24,000 positive reviews. It has finally received “extremely positive reviews” in the recent reviews, and the overall evaluation has changed from The original mixed reviews have returned to most praises.

Of course, “Dian Yu Renke 2077” has postponed the upward update schedule of the next-generation console before. During this period, the revised and updated version has come to 1.31, the content is still BUG repair, and the large expansion is still indefinite, but In the latest financial report information, CDPR stated that everything will start to turn in 2022.

“We are working hard to build the next-generation console version of “Dynamic Rebel 2077″. The schedule is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022, and there will also be major updates for all platforms.” CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński said: “We are also at the same time. In the production of “The Witcher 3” next-generation updated version, and “Dynamic Rebel 2077″ expansion.”

Although I don’t know whether CDPR can bring back the situation and regain the trust of players next spring, the recent “Gunt Card of Witcher” incident, CDPR has once again angered Chinese players.

On November 12, CDPR officially announced the punishment of the Chinese player wangid2021 (the ball brother) by the official announcement of “The Witcher’s Gwent Card.” In the three-season master finals, Austrian Shaggy was replaced by MMR 2 points.


Since the official announcement of CDPR clearly stated that it did not have direct evidence of wangid2021 colluding with other players, but based on game records and replays, some players were found to have abnormal winning rates and suspected of manipulating the game, which caused dissatisfaction with a large number of Chinese players and fans. “The Witcher’s Gwent Card” also received a large number of negative reviews from China on November 18.

The reaction of the Chinese community has more or less shifted to the evaluation of “Dian Yu Renke 2077”, and it can still be found in the comments below that some Chinese players are unfair to the “Witcher’s Gwent Card” incident.


However, after a year of update and repair, even if the game cannot be said to be bug-free, the half-price “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” finally meets the expectations of most players. As for whether the expansion DLC content can be smoothly released next year, the world will Wait and see.

“Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” is currently offering a 50% special price to NT$799 at the Steam Autumn Sale. Players who want to make a move can take advantage of the last one or two days to enter the pit.