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Step 1 of daily recovery from November… Gathering for 10 people in the metropolitan area, open 24 hours

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From the 1st of next month, the first phase of the new quarantine system, ‘step-by-step recovery of daily life’, will be implemented for 4 weeks.

In the first phase of recovery of daily life, all multi-use facilities except for entertainment facilities will be able to operate 24 hours a day as the business hours restrictions are lifted.

Private gatherings are allowed for up to 10 people in metropolitan areas and 12 people in non-metropolitan areas, whether or not vaccinated.

However, in restaurants and cafes with a high risk of spreading the corona virus, only 4 people who have not been vaccinated can attend.

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom announced the implementation plan for the first phase of daily recovery in phases at a meeting of the Corona 19 Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters presided over at Ulsan City Hall on the morning of the 29th.

The implementation plan also includes the application of the so-called ‘vaccine pass’ to high-risk facilities such as entertainment facilities and indoor sports facilities.

Prime Minister Kim said, “It is an inevitable choice to reduce the risk of group infection, which will only increase if the number of users increases as the number of users increases as measures to ease quarantine measures.”

After that, Prime Minister Kim said, “In order to restore daily life in various fields such as religious facilities, concert halls, assemblies and events, relaxed quarantine standards are applied.”

Details of the implementation plan will be announced after the main meeting.

Prime Minister Kim said, “We must clearly recognize that this is a ‘new beginning’, not an ‘end’ in the fight against Corona.

In particular, referring to overseas cases where the number of confirmed cases increased in the course of daily recovery, he said, “We will keep in mind even the worst situation and have strong quarantine and medical response capabilities. We will do everything we can to ensure that we can secure additional beds at any time.”

Prime Minister Kim also requested that “the three essential quarantine rules, such as wearing a mask indoors and outdoors, periodic ventilation, and active diagnostic testing, must be followed and followed until the end.”

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