Stephen Curry Expresses Hope for Hall of Fame Induction in Wired Autocomplete Interview

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Warriors’ Superstar Stephen Curry recently participated in an intriguing segment called “Wired Autocomplete Interview.” During this program, an interesting question arose regarding Curry’s potential inclusion in the prestigious Hall of Fame. With immense humility, Curry responded, “Undoubtedly, it is my ardent desire to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. As of now, I refuse to decelerate my pace. I earnestly hope for this achievement, and dare I say, these aspirations should be fulfilled.”

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Warriors star Curry recently participated in the “Wired Autocomplete Interview” program.

Asked if Stephen Curry will be in the Hall of Fame, Curry said: “Of course I hope he can, I hope it’s guaranteed at this point, I won’t slow down, but I’m I hope it will be possible. Guaranteed.”

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