Stephen Hawking Walking on The Big Bang Theory; in 2012

Stephen Hawking Walking on The Big Bang Theory; in 2012

9:00 AM PDT 6/15/2019


Bill Higgins

The famous physicist was often in voices, in seven events, for CBS comedy, and his most striking appearance on the Season's program, "The Hawking Excitation," as the creator Chuck Lorre revealed how Hawking prepared his role.

In the long history of television guests, Stephen Hawking has never had someone smarter. And many of them were made by the physicist.

In 1993, it was a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode playing poker with Data, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. (Hawking, who has four seven, is pressing Einstein.) As an animated character, he made four programs of The Simpsons (the program called "the best show on American television") and in one he decides to steal a "donut shaped" globe of Homer.

After his death in 2018 at 76, t Hollywood Reporter Alien conductor Al Jean stated that his only limitation was that he “didn't want to be drunk on the screen. This was the only note we received from him. He did not intend to have a beer with Homer at Moe's, but no more. "In many ways, the most natural costume is Badge The Big Bang theory, sitcom with nerds physics in its center. It was part of the plot, often in defenses, in seven of the episodes. His most notable appearance was on the 2012 show entitled "The Hawking Excitation." The story is coming to Pasadena to lecture in Caltech. The character of Jim Parsons, Sheldon, who believes that Hawking is the only intellectual equality he can have is jumping through a hoop to meet the physicist. .

"Obviously you have a great mind," said Hawking before delivering the bad news: "Too bad is wrong. You made an arithmetic mistake on page two. It was very sharp." When Sheldon fell, Hawking says, "Great, another fainter." Say Big bang Chuck Lorre: "All the discussions from professor Hawking were preliminary and promoted through voice synthesis. When we offered to do so, we were told that he would prefer to record and encourage his own lines."

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