Steve Jobs’ daughter, posted “Apple iphone 14 is the exact same as Apple iphone 13” – Apple iphone Wired

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Youngest son of Apple co-founder Steve PositionsMr Eve Workon social media he stated,Apple iphone 14practically the exact as Apple iphone 13” posted a meme stating that.

Posted the popular meme “Anyone who receives the exact shirt as a reward”.

Apple will hold a new product or service announcement party at dawn on the 8th Japan time,Iphone14 collectionpublish The Apple iphone14 Professional and Apple iphone14 Professional Max attribute a new Dynamic Island in spot of the earlier notch.

Owning listened to the information, the daughter of MrMr Eve Positionsis renowned“People who get the exact same shirt as a present” meme imagewith “I upgraded from Iphone 13 to Iphone 14 following Apple’s announcement now‘” he posted on social media.

meme iphone13 iphone14meme iphone13 iphone14

Confident, the Apple iphone 14 appears to be just about the exact as the Apple iphone 13, but the Apple iphone 14 has collision detection, an state-of-the-art twin digital camera system, a TrueDepth front digital camera with autofocus, up to 20 hours of movie playback, GPU 5 -core, and more. It has just been installed. Also, the thickness has enhanced a bit from 7.65mm to 7.80mm, but the weight is 1g lighter.

Some social media posts say that the Apple iphone 14 Professional is not a great deal various from the Iphone 13 Professional, but is Eve Careers just referring to the Iphone 13 → Apple iphone 14? I am not certain if he usually means Kutor.

The Apple iphone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island is claimed to be the ideal of Apple’s models in the latest years, and has been nicely gained by buyers.

Source: TMZ
Picture: Apple


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