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On February 24 (Friday), a new program “Mononoke no Radio Musou” will start on the radio app “GERA” which specializes in comedians.

This time, SINEMAS+ sticks to the first recording of the same program.

Although he is usually active mainly on YouTube, how will he be “unmatched” with a radio app that specializes in entertainers? How do you plan to differentiate it from YouTube, Radiotalk, etc.?

Before the first recording, we interviewed Yusaku Takahashi, also known as TP, who work together on the program, and Mononoke.

Enchant the royal road radio with a phantasmagoric voice

The first recording started with a slightly nervous look. Non-entertainer Mononoke made a memorable first statement, “TP’s go for it, radio!”. This is the title of a program that the author TP regularly publishes on

About 5 minutes from there. Taking a lot of time, Mr. Mononoke explodes with the blurriness that it’s not easy to make a title call. There was also a scene where Mr. TP the surprise that he did not go according to the scripture from the beginning, saying, “Since when did you think about that obscurity?”

There are also two radio-style corners, “Mononoke sighting information” and “Theme talk warriors”. In “Theme Talk Musou”, using Mononoke’s ever-changing voice, various themes are refreshingly changed in the style of a stylish FM radio personality. It’s amazing how he responds without hesitation to the listener’s impulsiveness.

“Mononoke’s Radio Musou” is a different kind of program from the past, which makes you think, “Are you really alone?” in one broadcast. It’s scheduled to be delivered every 13 times, so check it out.

What Mononoke and TP want to challenge with GERA

――I think there are people who know Mononoke-san for the first time by having a program on GERA. What kind of activities is Mononoke doing now?

Mononoke: I’m aiming for people who do things like YouTube and like comedy and try to make things worse for themselves, saying, “I know Mononoke, you know?” I really want to go live Ogiri, but I can’t because of the rule I set that I don’t show my face. Also, I’m currently working as a writer, so I’d like to focus on my work behind the scenes while making YouTube.

――I would like to ask you how you decided to start the program.

Mononoke: TP (Takahashi) is a passionate man. He is a human…

TP: You don’t have to force yourself to say things that are easy to comment on (laughs).

Mononoke: No, no, it’s true! He is the type of person who thinks, “I’m definitely going to sell people close to me!”

— What was the reason you two met in the first place?

Mononoke: Right after TP quit Asahi TV and started his own company to freely transmit content, he said on social media, “I want someone to listen to me while having tea.” As I said, I sent a DM to TP, who I’ve never met. I am very good at listening. That’s how I met him, and fell in love with TP.


Mononoke: Actually, I had contacted him six months ago, but he ignored me then…

TP: I didn’t realize that! I get a lot of DMs (laughs).

――What was your first impression of Mononoke from TP’s perspective?

TP: We first met and spoke at Renoir in Shinjuku, and I thought we got along well. So, on that day, I had him appear on my radio (“TP’s Ganbare Radio”), and when I spoke for about 10 minutes, I thought he was “interesting,” so I thought I would keep him my stock

Mononoke: Good. They think we get along. This is the first time we have been rubbed together.

――How did you program with GERA from there?

TP: When I went independent, GERA approached me, and we were talking about making a new program. So, when I suggested a couple of comedians, I said, “Mononoke, he’s not a comedian, but there’s a guy who can talk a little bit and is interesting…”, and the person in charge said GERA, “I know!” I came all the way here.

Mononoke: Around the beginning of the year? I was told, “I’m already talking about it!”

TP: Did you hit a shot? “Do you want to do something like radio?” I confirmed my intentions (laughs).

――How do you plan to differentiate it from the current YouTube and Radiotalk?

TP: I’d like to do a classic radio show. Mononoke on YouTube has the feel of a skit, but it’s a format I created from scratch, and I do it quite freely. On the other hand, in GERA, I think we should put it in the current format of good old radio, such as free talks, corners, and listeners.

Mononoke: Oh…that’s it!

TP: I think fighting in the same format as everyone else will make Mononoke even more interesting. I can say that because it was before the recording of the first episode (laughs).

Mononoke: When it comes to audio distribution, Radiotalk also does it, but they do it really randomly there. No opening, free. For example, during Setsubun, we would say, “I’m going to make ehomaki for 30 minutes and eat it, so I won’t talk!” However, this time, by taking over the radio format, I would like to differentiate myself from Radiotalk in that way.

――Speaking of GERA, there is a strong image of a comedian radio app. Mr. TP, where do you feel GERA and Mr Mononoke fit in?

TP: To be honest, I still don’t know if it’s a good match, but I think that’s what makes it interesting. After all, I don’t think Mononoke fans and GERA comedian fans are confused. That’s why I hope it will bring in new fans.

–I see. TP, you have been involved in GERA since the fall of 2022. What kind of things do you plan to do with GERA in the future?

TP: I only think about being liked by Mr. Onda (GERA team manager)… (laughs). It’s a joke, but I feel like there’s a limit to what comedians can do when they try to liven up audio media. So, like Mononoke, I think it would be nice if people from genres that hadn’t competed before started doing it. At the same time, I hope to use my knowledge to influence existing content to become stronger.

(Interview and text: Oarisa)

■ Information about the GERA program “Mononoke no Radio Musou”.

Delivery from 20:00 on Friday, February 24 (13 times in total)

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