Home Health Still heavy! 1,953 additional inmates with COVID outbreak in 13 prisons

Still heavy! 1,953 additional inmates with COVID outbreak in 13 prisons

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MGR Online – “Correction” reports 1,953 new COVID-19 inmates in the care, nearly 40 percent of the cases have been cured.

Today (31 May), the Department of Corrections by the Command Center resolves the problem of the spread of coronavirus disease 2019, the Department of Corrections (SABC RAT) reveals the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19. In prisons and correctional facilities (as of May 30, ’64 at 6:00 p.m.), 1,953 new inmates have been infected with 1,315 cases, resulting in 16,272 still infected inmates in the Department of Corrections’ care.

Situation of the spread of COVID-19 In prisons and correctional institutions in overall clarity and improvement According to the investigation, officials and inmates confirm that there are 119 prisons and prisons that do not find outbreaks of the disease, with nearly 40 percent of the total number of people infected with cured. And the trend of the number of recovered patients continues to improve. Including a screening system for new inmates to isolate the infected person that can effectively isolate the infected from other inmates. Therefore, everything is expected to improve accordingly. Which the Department of Corrections continues to monitor and prepare for continuous response In order not to increase the spread of disease


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