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On September 21, 2022, stock index futures were mixed. The main CSI 300 stock index futures contract (IF) fell 0.78%, the main Shanghai 50 stock index futures contract (IH) fell 0.85%, and the main contract CSI 500 stock index futures (IC) fell 0.85% The contract rose 0.58%, and the main CSI 1000 stock index futures contract (IM) rose 0.63%.

On 21 September, the three main indices diverged throughout the day, the Shanghai Index fell below 3,100 points and then bottomed out and rebounded. The ChiNext Index fluctuated lower.SSE 50 indexIt reached a new low for the year, and the volume of transactions in both cities continued to shrink. On the disc, the energy sector is bucking the trend and strengthening, with oil and gas stocks leading the gains.Development of CNOOCBacon Energydaily limit. Shipping stocks increased,China Southern Oil TradersChanghang PhoenixCOSCO SHIPPING Energydaily limit. Strength in the real estate sector in the afternoon drove the Shanghai index to recover.Construction of QixiaZhongdi InvestmentShibei High-techdaily limit. In addition, North Exchange stocks strengthened across the board, with only 3 of the 110 North Exchange stocks falling.Excellent machine Co., Ltd.become electronicZhisheng informationAlmost 10 stocks rose more than 10%. Overall, individual stocks rose more and fell less, with more than 2,900 stocks in both cities rising. The turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 635.9 billion today, a decrease of 15.1 billion from the previous trading day, and continued to hit a new low for the year. In terms of sectors, oil and gas, port shipping, gas, real estate and other sectors led the gains, while hotel tourism, CRO, pork and semiconductor sectors led the decline. At the end, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.17%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.67%, and the ChiNext Index fell 1.49%.

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