Stock Market Update: Mixed Adjustments Amid Global Factors and Fed Meeting Expectations

Stock Market Updates: Mixed Global Performance, US Inflation, and Central Bank Decisions

In the past week, stock markets around the world experienced mixed adjustments. This comes after a rise in general inflation in the United States during August.

Factors Influencing the Market

  • The high price of oil in recent times has played a significant role in market fluctuations.
  • The European Central Bank (ECB) recently announced a 0.25% increase in interest rates, indicating a potential final rate hike.
  • China’s economy is showing signs of recovery, with the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announcing a 0.25% reduction in the Reserve Requirement Ratio (RRR).

The upcoming Federal Reserve meeting and the statement from the Chairman will be crucial in determining market direction. Investors will closely follow the Dot Plot and economic projections. Short-term volatility is expected, providing an opportunity for strategic buying. In particular, markets in Asia such as China, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and Indonesia are attracting attention due to positive factors and lower prices.

US Stock Market Position

The US stock market remained relatively neutral, experiencing slight declines. Economic figures, including inflation, did not surprise the market. The outcome of the Federal Reserve meeting this week will significantly impact the market’s trajectory.

While short-term volatility is expected to persist, there is a positive outlook for the medium and long term. It is advised to focus on buying and gradual accumulation, particularly in the technology sector. The BLS Top Funds report recommends investing in the B-INNOTECH fund, which specializes in technology stocks and consistently delivers returns.

Chinese Stock Market

The Chinese stock market saw a slight decline, both in Hong Kong and mainland China. Despite better-than-expected economic reports, particularly in the consumption and production sectors, the technical aspect indicates a downward trend. However, the Chinese economy is on a path of recovery, and stock prices remain attractive. For investors seeking exposure to Chinese stocks, it is recommended to gradually accumulate positions, especially when the index approaches significant support levels. The UOBSGC fund is recommended as it focuses on large Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese stocks, providing steady income and profit.

Thailand Stock Market

The Thailand stock market also experienced a slight decline. However, the downside of the index is expected to be limited after political factors become clear. Stimulus policies aimed at boosting the economy will support market growth, with mid- and small-sized stocks expected to benefit. The ASP-SME fund is recommended for its excellent stock selection and a strategy focused on generating better returns than competitors.

Vietnam Stock Market

The Vietnamese stock market saw a decline for the second consecutive week. While short-term contraction is possible, the fundamentals and valuation of the market remain favorable compared to other markets. There is a potential for continued recovery. Investors are advised to wait for new investment opportunities.

Accessing Comprehensive Market Reports and Information

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#Currently on stocks – In the past week, stock markets around the world have adjusted mixed. After general inflation in the United States Accelerated in August.

The main factor is the high price of oil in the past. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to raise interest rates by 0.25%, signaling that it may raise interest rates for the last time. China’s economy is starting to show signs of recovery. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announced a RRR cut of 0.25%.

The important factor this week is the results of the Fed meeting. Especially the statement from the Chairman Fed. That will determine the direction of the market, including following the Dot Plot and estimating economic numbers. We expect the market to remain volatile in the short term. Look at it as a time to buy and gradually collect. When the index declines (Buying On Dip), focus on investing in markets with limited downside risk. It has unique positive factors and a low price, focusing on Asian stock markets (China, Vietnam, South Korea, India and Indonesia).

For the US stock market position (Neutral), it fell slightly overall. Meanwhile, the inflation and other economic figures did not surprise the market. The results of this week’s Fed meeting will be an important factor in determining the direction of the market.

We expect the US stock market to remain volatile in the short term, but in the medium and long term there is still a positive outlook. Focus on buying and gradual accumulation When the index shrinks Especially stocks in the technology group, the BLS Top Funds report recommends the B-INNOTECH fund that invests in technology stocks. that is the market leader and get a regular income

Chinese Stock Market (Neutral): The Chinese Stock Market fell slightly. Hong Kong stock market and mainland China stock market Although the August economic report came out better than expected especially the consumption and production sectors However, we still believe that the Chinese economy is in a recovery trend (Cycling Early) and the stock price is still cheap, but the technical side is in decline.

For investors who do not have or whose exposure to Chinese stocks is below their risk profile, we still recommend buying and gradually accumulating. When the index moves down following an important support level. We recommend the UOBSGC fund which invests in large Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese stocks. Have a steady income and profit
The fund has excellent performance in terms of returns and risks.

Refer to the BLS Top Funds report, 19 September 2023 issue.

Thailand Stock Market (Slightly Overweight): The Thailand Stock Market fell slightly. It has been declining for 2 consecutive weeks and we expect the downside of the index to be quite limited. After the political factors are clear Consequently, the policy to stimulate the economy will be a supporting factor for the market moving forward. Especially mid- and small-sized stocks after market momentum returns to be more positive. We recommend the ASP-SME fund which is excellent in terms of stock selection, emphasizing the Bottom Up strategy to generate returns that are better than competitors. group leader

Vietnam Stock Market (Slightly Overweight) : The Vietnam Stock Market fell for the 2nd week in a row.

Has improved excellently in the previous period. We expect that the Vietnamese stock market will still have a chance to face a contraction in the index in the short term after the technical side is not bright after a divergence signal. We recommend waiting for a new opportunity to invest. However, the fundamentals have not changed and the valuation is still cheap compared to other stock markets. There is a chance of continued recovery.

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