“Stop getting drunk” Wins party that ate 220,000 at sushi restaurant, deposits money and apologizes

Video clip source = Bobaedream

At a sushi restaurant in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, the party that left without paying after having a meal worth 220,000 won a deposit in response to the president’s warning that “if we don’t embroider ourselves, we will reveal our faces.”

Mr A, a sushi restaurant owner, told Channel A, “After asking for his contact information, I found out and called and deposited the money,” he said.

On the 5th, on the online community ‘Bobae Dream’, an article was posted that an acquaintance who runs a small sushi restaurant in Asan was being eaten.

According to the person who posted it, on the 19th of last month, five men and one woman sat down at the outdoor table of the sushi restaurant, ate about 220,000 won worth of food and alcohol, and then disappeared. Some of them came in expensive cars.

The author warned, “He ate a lot while laughing and chatting hard, and then he disappeared.”

Reporter Yoo-kyung Jo,