Storm Hawaii could set the Time of the State Record of Time; Snow Fell on Maui, Too

Winter Storm meets Hawaii Records and Breaks
  • Hawaii had a powerful storm with injuries wind last weekend.
  • The temperatures of the mass of Mauna Kea may at least go to the low state moment record.
  • Mauna Kea also has a wind cover 200 years ago.
  • Snow collapsed near Haleakala Maui volcano.
  • This is just the latest example of strange weather in Hawaii since spring 2018.

A Hawaii non-friendly station may have a couple of full-time records for cold and snow in our 50th state.

Immediately after midnight on Monday, some sensors across Mauna Kea dropped under Fahrenheit's 12 degrees, according to the Mauna Kea Weather Center, a facility that supports some telescopes above the 13,770ft volcano on the Great Island of Hawaii.

Screen of temperature on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, just after 1 a.m. HST, February 11, 2019.

(Weather Center Mauna Kea)

If these temperatures are considered accurate, more than four of these sensors would be higher than the entire state record officer Hawaii of 12 degrees (-11.1 degrees Celsius) as well as Mauna Kea on May 17, 1979.

Ad hoc climate ad hoc committee comprising scientists from the National Center for Environmental Information, NWS Meteorological and the state climatologist may later emerge to evaluate the temperature measurements to determine their acceptance as a new state record .

However, Christopher Burt's weather historian believes that a 12-step error can be an error, and instead has the all-time low-grade record in Hawaii 15 degrees, set January 5, 1975, by Mauna Kea, by Blog Underground post.

However, the temperatures were not near an all-time record in Honolulu (52 degrees), Lihue (46), Kahului (48) or Hilo (53) during this storm.

If that was not enough, a peak wind like 191 mph Mauna Kea was covered on Sundays, according to the National Weather Service.

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"The highest volcano summit saw here well over 100 miles of winds in some times," said Dr Steven Businger, atmospheric scientist at Hawaii University.

GOES-17 infrared satellite loop that shows rapid development of the southeast drive system towards Hawaii from 9-11 to 2019, giving injuries to winds and transferring to the island chain.


Due to frozen conditions, the single access road was to the summit closed to the public below the visitor information station during the storm.

Snow maui

Since this Hawaiian storm was cold, even Haleakala had even snow reports, a wide coating volcano on Maui.

NWS-Honolulu issued a winter weather advice For short, severe snow snow, frozen conditions and mist freezing generally over 8,000 feet.

The advice arrow advises a winter weather advice to be issued by NWS-Honolulu for an area around the Haleakala summit of Maui from February 10-11, 2019.

This is not as unusual as sound. According to the Western Regional Climate Center, snow can fall several times a year at this point, about 10,000 feet elevation.

According to the Iowa Environmental Mesonet archive, NWS-Honolulu issued winter weather consultants for Haleakala every three years, on February 18, 2018, December 15, 2017 and December 18, 2016, for snow, ice and / or frozen roads over 9,000 feet.

But Sunday's report of snow was falling in a Polipoli State Park, about 6,200 feet in height, on the Haleakala slope.

According to the State Parks Department of the Land Department and Natural Resources, it may be the first time to see snow in the Hawaiian state park, the lowest elevation snow could record in Hawaii.

But there may also be no snow.

The global recorder Maximiliano Herrera believes that there was no pure snow, but a small amount of ice cream created when tiny water drops around and running on snow fences.

"The temperatures are totally unfit for snow (6,200 elevation feet)," Herrera told "It was clear from the video that there was a small or granite loss that was accumulated at a certain elevation."

Regardless of all, it's definitely really strange.

NWS-Honolulu noted that Boo Hanalei had a remarkable wave, located just north of Hanalei Bay and from the north shore of Kauai, at a height of 38 feet in the storm.

A significant wave elevation measured by Hanalei yellow just north of Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii. Dimension of 38ft peak on February 10, 2019.


This waist height is called the highest average one third of height height. As a thumb rule, the highest wave you can reach is about the remarkable wave height.

NWS-Honolulu warned the open water wave height up to 60 feet north of Kauai and Oahu during the storm.

Extreme Hawaii Weather String

Due to its typical "Paradise" weather, it could be strongly argued that Hawaii is the state's largest state of time since the last spring.

This image shows Sunday, April 15, 2018 from the video provided by the United States Coast Guard flooding along Bay Hanalei Kauai, Hawaii.

(Petty Officer 3rd Class Brandon Verdura / US Coast Coast via AP)

In April 2018, Kauai's site sets a 24 hour rainfall record, taking 49.69 inches incredible, which pressed the previous record from Storm Claudette Tropical July 1979 in Alvin, Texas (43 inches).

Just four months later, Hurricane Lane rejected over 52 inches of rain at a location on the Great Island, a tropical cyclone and state heat on record.

About three weeks after Lane on September 12, the Olivia Tropical Storm became the first tropical circle on a record to the ground in Maui, flooding.

Finally, we would like to comment if we did not comment on the cream that the islands would not hit directly, but it did not get much smaller.

In late October, Hurricane Walaka went well back from the largest islands in Hawaii, but washed over East Island, 11-acre sand strip in the French Frigate Shoals.


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