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Papapan was a person who lived by doing different businesses. It will do nicely for six months and by then the papanat will be tired. He will finish by saying nothing better. So came the darkness when one finally escaped from the thatched roof. After two people succumbed to their deaths after eating Alfam and Shawarma, food safety officers of the Food Safety Department woke up and closed many hotels. With that, Pappan, who made a living by selling tea and snacks in front of the office only in the evenings, was afraid to open the shop. In the evening, the regulars came in search of Uhunuwada papa, rice cake and tea. But when they came to know that Pappan’s mobile tea shop was not open that day, they returned disappointed one by one. The shop that used to sell 50 glasses of tea and more than 100 snacks has been closed for two days. As the shopkeepers did not open en masse, the regulars and other new people came, but Pappan did not have the courage to do anything.

I was afraid I would have to do the work done during Corona again by taking what was in hand. That day, Papa was driving a borrowed autorickshaw. In the evening, the boss should be paid exactly. The remaining rupees can be taken as yours. If any man comes out, get into the car. In the end, when he could not even get enough money to pay the boss, Pappan took back the autorickshaw boss. When he was starving for two or three days, he planned to commit a robbery. So he started with small robberies and got the knack of committing big and big robberies. Houses will be monitored during the day. After a thorough study for a week, the house without climbing will be stable. Pappan shared with his friend the interesting experience of a house he entered. It was like this.

Philip was a wealthy business leader in the colony. Thank you wife. Children live abroad as a family. Before the lockdown started, they both used to go to the club, play cards, hit two or three pegs, come to sleep. During the lockdown, as both of them could not go out, after saying the family prayer, two or three pegs would be put inside and they would eat the chicken and chapati and prepared by the maid and going to sleep. Pappan learned from his staff that both of them would drink more than usual on Saturday nights. Because the workers had Sunday holidays. Pappan had already realized that it was 11 in the morning to pick up the newspaper lying in front of the house on Sunday. So Papa decided to enter that house on Saturday night. It’s midnight. Dad went into the house. The bedroom is not locked from the inside. They both get a good night’s sleep. As the key was in the cupboard itself, the cash and gold were quickly bagged and put in one place.

That’s when the rhythmic snoring of the two was seen and heard. After a while, the sounds of murder came from both ends of the huge two-storey building. After looking at him for a while, Papa himself began to laugh. Realizing that two of them won’t wake up even if the crackers burst, when they go to the dining room, there are nicely fried chicken legs on the table. He took the plate and took a handful of chapati and three chicken legs. Sitting on the table, Shivaz took a full drink from the Regal bottle. Papan, who was used to drinking only paattacharaya, understood this very well. And when I opened the fridge, there was fruit and cakes that I had never eaten in my life. He also ate more than enough. After putting a bottle inside, Pappan realizes that ‘Shiva’s Regal’ is not a retail person. Can’t even walk a step. The whole earth turns. Papan arrived in the couple’s bedroom again to look for the bag in which the gold and silver were kept. Half the story is to say that he fell on that ‘poto’ bed. In no time, Papa started snoring louder than them. Philip at the far end of the bed, Thangamma in the middle, then Papa. The three continued to snort competitively.

Papa woke up at 6 am. Then Thankamma’s leg was outside Papa’s. When father slowly moved Thangamma’s leg, Thangamma grunted. “Sleep there, man, it’s not too late, isn’t it Sunday, let’s sleep a little longer.” God! Papa Trishangu is in heaven. After 15 minutes, Pappan made one more attempt to separate his leg. The effort was successful anyway. He got up and ran out of that house with his life. When he came out, he remembered that he had forgotten to take the bag where he kept the money and gold. Then think, it doesn’t matter, gold and silver can be stolen from somewhere else if not today or tomorrow. But that delicious food and the foreign liquor taken from the fridge, cake, cherries, apples, almonds and nuts. His sweetness and comfort are still a warm memory. And if you sleep, take the coolness of the AC on the new mattress. Except for the difficulty of getting Thankamma’s leg in place when she regained consciousness, the rest are all beautiful memories. Papa kept wondering again and again whether it was a dream or reality.

All this commotion is over and now the shop can be opened? Papan used to sell everything at 5:00 pm if the shop opened at 3:30 pm He has only sold good quality goods so far. No one was left to die. Apart from petty thefts due to bad behaviour, that was also stopped immediately after getting the government kit. But who is to say all this? Who will listen?

Summary of Contents: Malayalam Short Story ‘Decent Pappan’ written by Mary Josy Malayil

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