Strack-Zimmermann shoots against Merz – CDU demands an apology

In a carnival speech, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann calls the CDU boss a “flying dwarf” – he doesn’t like it that much. Merz gets support.

Because of critical remarks against CDU leader Friedrich Merz in a carnival speech, his party is demanding an apology from the FDP defense politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann. “That was another fall short of decent handling and decent language,” said CDU General Secretary Mario Czaja of the “Rheinische Post”. You don’t behave like the chairman of the defense committee, “not even at carnival.” He expects Strack-Zimmermann to apologize to Merz “and to express that it was a lapse”.

In a vampire costume with a small mirror in his hand, Strack-Zimmermann introduced himself as the queen, then the FDP politician gave her carnival speech on the “Order against animal seriousness” in Aachen against the CDU, among others. The target of her speech was, among others, the chairman Friedrich Merz. She describes it as a “mid-sized aircraft dwarf” that “nobody wanted to have twice” because it was difficult to bear.

Even Merz himself did not find the speech funny

Merz found it anything but funny. During Strack-Zimmermann’s speech, the image keeps changing to the CDU leader. His face spoke volumes. “Another old, white man who thinks he can do better,” Strack-Zimmermann continues. Outwardly, Merz conveys a bourgeois appearance, but in his heart he is “completely mean”.

In her speech, she also criticized Merz’s attitudes towards war refugees and climate activists, who for him were only “social tourists” and “terrorists”. She concluded her contribution to Merz with the words: “Those who consider themselves Christian should be ashamed of him.” Then the hall heard “madness, why are you sending me to hell”.

Reactions from the CDU

Merz was visibly upset. On Twitter, users accused him of abstinence from humor. So far he has not commented on the speech. However, other CDU politicians sided with him on Twitter, such as former Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner.

But not all CDU members were outraged. Hendrik Wüst, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, couldn’t help but laugh. Strack-Zimmermann shared the photo on her Twitter account and showed understanding for the CDUler’s lack of humor. She appreciates Wüst for his “humorous understanding”.

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