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at the Racecourse in Tokyo this week.Japan Cup(GI, turf 2400m) is held. The year before last, Almond Eye won the Dream Match between Triple Crown horses, and last year Contrail finished the show. An international GI with a dramatic side. What kind of drama will be born this year?

We will analyze the runners based on the keywords that emerged from analyzing data over the last 10 years. here”along with datalikeVera Azulget up

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■Japan C is a good match with Shadai Northern Group club horses

At the start of the year, he was still in the 2-win class, but after using turf, he rose quickly. Vera Azul will win the graduate award with a winning streak and face this stage bravely. This is the first GI challenge and it is difficult to compare the abilities, but here is the data that supports this horse this time.

・ Shadai Northern Group club horse that finished first in the previous race[]

The main winners are Almondeye, Gentildonna, and last year’s runner-up Authority. It is good running data that can be said to be the true value of a club horse associated with the Shadai Northern Group, showing unrivaled strength in international races.

Looking back at the previous race, Kyoto Grand Prix, many of the top horses ran straight through the inside. In that situation, the race that went up from the outside and broke through with legs from 3F 33.2 seconds was astonishing. A big stage with R. Moore, who won the Japan C together with Gentildonna. I would like to take the view of winning a major title by capitalizing on the current momentum.

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▼ horse racing storyteller Motonari Tahara from TV graded analysis “2022 Japan Cup-Data Analysis Edition”

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