“Street Fighter 6” reboots the fighting game, three game modes are released

Capcom officially released Street Fighter 6, a new entry in the Street Fighter series. In addition to the traditional “Fighting Land” battle mode, it also adds “World Tour” suitable for single-player games, and “Battle Lobby” suitable for online games. There are three game modes in total, allowing both casual and experienced players to feel overwhelmed. Before the game starts, don’t miss a special trailer hosted by rapper Lil Wayne.

First up is World Tour mode, an immersive single-player mode with RPG elements that allows players to create their own avatar and explore different areas of the Street Fighter world. As the story progresses, players will meet legendary characters who appeared in the “Street Fighter” series, and can learn from them as their teachers, in order to form their own unique fighting style and write their fighting style their own story!

The second is the “Battle Lobby”, users can use the avatar created in “World Tour” to meet and communicate with players from all over the world, fight against other players in the arcade, go to the game center to experience other classic Capcom games, and can also form Create your own team and explore endless ways to play.

The most classic game is the battle mode “Fighting Land”, which brings a new battle system and adds many new features, such as the modern mode of operation suitable for beginners, and you can use nirvana with one button only; another example is ” “Extreme Battle”, players can use special battle rules and gameplay in this friendly game.

Free trial version

In the free trial version, players can play as Ron and Luke in “Fighting Ground”, experience new controls, and fully experience the beginning of “World Tour”. Avatars created in the demo can be used in the full game on the same platform.

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Image and data source: Capcom, PR Newswire

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