Street Woman Fighter 2: An Exciting Crossover with Hwasa’s New Mission

Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ Unveils Emotion-filled Episode with New Hwasa-themed Mission

By Dong-seon Park, Internet Reporter

Seoul, South Korea – The latest episode of Mnet’s popular show ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ promises a fresh and captivating twist as it combines the heartfelt journey of its second protagonist with an exciting new mission featuring Hwasa from MAMAMOO.

In a preview released by Mnet, episode 6 of ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ (referred to as ‘Suppa 2’) is set to air tonight at 10 pm, offering viewers an intense finale to the Mega Crew’s mission titled ‘K-Pop Deathmatch,’ as well as a thrilling introduction to a new mission centered around singer Hwasa.

The Mega Crew Mission will showcase an electrifying mixed concept stage performed by Lady Bounce, Wolfler, and Bebe. Following the previous rounds, which saw Jam Republic and 1 Million emerge victorious, the competing teams will now incorporate an outdoor and structure concept, respectively.

The preview video provides a glimpse of Bebe from the Bada, Tater, and Rusher team delivering a breathtaking performance alongside Colorver and Witham Boys. The suspenseful elimination battle is expected to leave audiences on the edge of their seats, with unpredictable results.

Moreover, Hwasa, renowned as the ‘Queen of Performance,’ will be directly involved in the ‘new song draft mission,’ which offers a unique opportunity for the public to follow her progress and earn ‘challenge bonus points.’ Fans are eagerly waiting to discover the details of this highly anticipated segment.

The 6th episode of ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ is scheduled to air tonight at 10 PM, featuring the mega crew mission and Hwasa’s extraordinary performance.

Since its premiere, ‘Suppa 2’ has garnered immense popularity, ranking first in viewership ratings among all channels, including terrestrial channels. The mega crew mission received exceptional feedback, securing the top spot for four consecutive weeks in the timeliness part, surpassing even popular drama series. Additionally, dance-related videos from the show’s YouTube channel, ‘The CHOOM,’ have achieved over 300 million views, highlighting their strong relevance.

Stay tuned to Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ to witness the exciting developments unfold.


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Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ creates a new atmosphere with the crossover of the tearful second protagonist and a new Hwasa-themed mission.

On the 3rd, Mnet released a preview of episode 6 of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Suppa 2’), which will air at 10 pm today.

According to what was revealed, the 6th episode of ‘Suppa 2’ will unfold as the finale of the Mega Crew’s mission called ‘K-Pop Deathmatch’ and the prelude to a new mission with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa as the protagonist.

First of all, the Mega Crew Mission will be a mixed concept stage performed by Lady Bounce, Wolfler, and Bebe, following Jam Republic, who won against Deep & Dap, with an outdoor concept, and 1 Million, who competed against Mannequin with a structure concept.

In the recently released video, Bebe from the team work of Bada, Tater, and Rusher is expected to present a dramatic stage through Colorver with Witham Boys, and it is predicted that there will be a twisting and tearful elimination battle with unpredictable battle results. , attract attention. .

It is known that Hwasa, known as the ‘Queen of Performance’, will be seen directly carrying out the ‘new song draft mission’ with ‘challenge bonus points’ that the public can follow, and there is curiosity about the related content is also increasing.

The 6th episode of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’, which is expected to include a mega crew mission where a second elimination will take place and Hwasa’s sortie, can be confirmed through the broadcast at 10 PM on the 3rd.

Meanwhile, ‘Suppa 2’ ranked first on all channels, including terrestrial channels, in target viewership ratings of 1539 and male and female viewership ratings of 2049 with the mega crew mission, as well as coming first from timeliness part other than drama for four in a row. week (based on Good Data Corporation) and on YouTube channels Videos related to dance (The CHOOM) show high timeliness, with over 300 million views.

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