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November 15, 2022 4:49 am

(Declaration document of the 22nd International Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties held in the capital of Cuba, Havana, between October 27 and 29. 145 delegates from 78 Communist and Workers’ Parties from 60 countries participated in the conference. Dr. K Narayana, member from the Central Secretariat, participated as a representative of the CPI).

The current hegemonic efforts of imperialism have imposed an unjust and unstable international order. Exploitation has intensified and the condition of the working class and the lower classes has worsened. This led to an increase in conflict, hostility and war situations. This imperialist state has even blocked solutions to global problems like Covid-19. Meanwhile, socialist countries – especially Cuba – countered it with public health systems and scientific development policies that demonstrated the superiority of socialism. Communists aim for a new world order based on sustainable development, social justice and solidarity, putting an end to the exploitation of man by man, reciprocity between rulers and people, peace and the fulfillment of social needs. As a result of imperialist aggression and geopolitical realignment, an increase in the arms race, the strengthening and expansion of NATO, and the emergence of new military alliances are all intensifying tensions and military conflicts in the world. Ukraine is an example. The resurgence of fascism, the Cold War and the threat of nuclear conflict seen in different parts of the world must be opposed and defeated. The stronger nature of profit-making capitalism leads to inequality, wealth polarization, exclusion and migration flows. This should be strongly condemned. Because it leads to worsening food crisis and environmental crisis.

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The bourgeois political system, which protects the interests of monopolies and corporations, uses even the natural crisis of capitalism for its own benefit. The growing social unrest of the workers and the people is sought to be suppressed through pressure and violence. As the United States and its allies, increasingly weakened by internal crises and facing powerful adversaries, increase their duplicitous stance, policies of threatening sanctions, approaches of coercive conquest, and even military intervention in internal affairs of countries. The arsenal of subversive activities is increasingly being used through unconventional means of warfare – especially the media. These methods are also used to destabilize governments that do not align with their interests. The first step to the struggle of the global working class against the capitalist system of exploitation and strengthening the class struggle against bourgeois and imperialism is the unity of the indigenous and popular movements and the communist and labor movement.
Plans must be made for a world order of peace, justice and social equality.
In order to achieve these goals, the parties that participated in the 22nd National Congress of Communist Workers’ Parties decided to work together towards the following goals.

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We must join efforts to strengthen the fight against imperialism and take a strong part in efforts to change the unjust and undemocratic international order based on capitalist interests. The replacement must be an international order based on peace, sustainable development, social justice and unity to pave the way for building a socialist society. Such a global order must respect people’s right to self-determination, freedom, sovereignty, equality, non-interference in the internal affairs of nations, and people’s legal right to peace and to choose their own path of development. We must reject imperialist wars, resist threats and coercion in international relations, and strengthen the struggle for peace. Condemn the arms race and the cuts in social spending caused by arms spending, the financing of nuclear weapons and the maintenance and modernization of foreign military bases, and mobilizing people against NATO and its expansion into a global military organization.

Fight against anti-communist, reactionary, ultra-nationalist and fascist forces that intensify violence and hatred, intensify political-ideological-social-racial-religious-gender discrimination and intolerance, promote racism and create national conflicts in different parts of the world Imperialist countries use embargoes and unilateral coercion as tools to blackmail and put pressure on the governments and peoples of countries that oppose them. These double standards should be highlighted and solidarity movements with the people of countries facing such problems should be strengthened. The ideological, cultural and symbolic attack of imperialism must be strongly countered with the aim of legitimizing the injustices of the capitalist system, disqualifying socialism and communism, erasing and destroying the cultural identity of nations. He must take responsibility to defend and promote Marxist-Leninist ideals and strengthen all the just and liberating struggles of the people.

Solidarity should be increased with the struggles of workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, youth and women’s organizations for the protection of their rights and against imperialism. We should also stand by the victims of wars and refugees. The profit-oriented capitalist development model that destroys the environment and endangers the survival of ecosystems and species must be resisted and fought against. The document of the 22nd International Conference states that it will work to strengthen the unity of the communist movement and workers internationally by aligning with social and popular movements against imperialist hegemony. The document also emphasized that people’s struggles should be nurtured for the destruction of capitalism, the strengthening of socialism and revolutionary transformations for its construction throughout the world.

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