Strict punishment for those who do not wear masks; Violators must take 50 pushups; Indonesia with extraordinary punitive action

Bali: Indonesia imposes extraordinary punishment on those who do not wear masks. Security forces in Bali have punished foreigners for push-ups in public without wearing masks. Mask has been made mandatory in Indonesia in the wake of the spread of the corona virus. But security officials find those who do not comply and go down on their own accord.

In Bali alone, more than 100 people have been arrested in recent days. Of these, 70 were fined $ 7 each. Thirty people who said they had no cash on hand were ordered by security officials to push up as punishment. The authorities had suggested that 50 people who do not wear masks and 15 people who do not wear masks properly should take push ups.

Video footage of the incident has been widely circulated on social media. The Indonesian government has advised tourists visiting the country to strictly adhere to the Corona protocol. Indonesia has announced that it will deport those who do not comply with Corona protocols.


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