Strive for the top? Xbox Series S became the highest-selling game console during Black Friday

In the field of recent game consoles, compared to SONY PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S is the least favored member. Compared with the real brother Xbox Series X, its specifications are weaker, and the highest resolution is only 1440P 60fps image output (Series X is 8K), and the internal storage space has been cut in half. Only 512GB SSD, the biggest problem is that there is only a digital version. This also discouraged many players.

However, more and more film creators have rehabilitated it, and sales are quite good. According to statistics from the Adobe Digital Economy Index US market research agency, during the past Black Friday (Black Friday), Xbox Series S not only surpassed Xbox Series X, but also surpassed PS5 and Nintendo Switch OLED, becoming the most popular game console.

However, the survey agency also analyzed that it may be due to the shortage of materials that prevented the Xbox Series X and PS5 from being able to complete the supply. Therefore, the Xbox Series S with sufficient supply has become the big winner and the first choice of consumers. In addition, relying on the Microsoft XGP service and more affordable prices make it more attractive.


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