Strong! “Candy Rakkaen” hits the leading heroine Bluely, an inferior online seller

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04 December 2021 – 16:54

Strong! Candy Rakkaen hit the heroine Bluely, an inferior online seller

It immediately became a hot topic. After Jay Moi 108’s page came out, it released a mysterious hint to the heroine of Dangling Nang Nueng. Leave it for the taro legs to follow. with the message “There is a rising heroine have heavy debt But when invited to go live and sell products like other celebrities She told me that she didn’t sell it, as if it was degrading herself. Wait, where is the live broadcast selling the discounted value, mom?? She helped to watch P’ Yui Jeeranan, P’ Pinkie, the top actress. They also sell each other. Plus a million dollar income.. Don’t underestimate like this, mom. I won’t have anything to eat before. With love, I Pimmie Siachat.” This event made netizens come to criticize this case a lot.

latest female singer “Candy Rakkaen” in addition to working in the entertainment industry He is also a live seller selling online products. Come out and hit no matter who you are. please use a little brain your rethink via personal IG

“No matter who you are please use a little brain Think again..Please consider your own worth. before being inferior to others or any other occupation!! Think about that today, you still 1. Eat 2. Buy things, that means you still have to rely on the seller. If you can’t make it out..Candy is an artist. able to survive during the covid Because being an online seller..raising mom Avoid family.. can raise children because of this occupation. With the original capital from being an artist..every profession is honorable and dignified #don’t be inferior #don’t do it from..mae seller from the page #Goddess right and good by Candy Rak Kaen N”

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