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Strong Thai fruit juices Ranked No. 2, the most sold worldwide.

March 16, 2022 at 12:30 p.m.

Office of the Provincial Electricity Authority points out that the fruit juice market has a future Thailand is the 8th largest exporter in the world, generating income of more than 20 billion baht, growing 14%, suggesting to penetrate the 3 main markets: the US – China – the Netherlands Responding to the health-loving trend after the world is facing COVID-19

Mr. Ronnarong Poonphiphat, director of the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy (OCP) revealed that the NPO has conducted a study, monitoring and analysis of the export situation of fruit juice products. found that the spread of the COVID-19 virus causing consumers to pay more attention to food and beverages to strengthen their immune system Fruit juice is one of the products that consumers choose to consume to enhance their health and immunity. The entrepreneurs highlight the strengths of products that are fortified with vitamins and nutritional value. for current consumer trends Will pay attention to reducing the amount of sugar. Environmental and ethical standards including the production process that must be sustainable

Thailand is currently the world’s 8th largest fruit juice exporter. In 2021, Thailand exported fruit juice worth US$ 640.98 million or 20,189.03 million baht, an increase of 14.31% from the previous year. It is a mechanism that plays an important role in the management of agricultural products. to prevent oversupply of agricultural products and fruits as well as to expand export value and create added value of products for sale to meet the needs of modern consumers

The company has compiled and analyzed data from the database of Mintel, a global market research company. Mintel has conducted a survey of fruit juice products sold around the world. During the 10-year period (2012 – 2021), it was found that fruit juice products produced from Thailand It is the second most sold fruit juice product in the world with 3,190 items or 4.2 percent, after China, the world’s number 1 fruit juice product with 3,628 items, or 4.78 percent, and the third is Brazil. 2,839 items or 3.74%

In addition, fruit juices from Thailand are cited on various issues in order as follows: 1. Halal 49.2% 2. No food additives/preservatives 41.6% 3. Environmentally friendly packaging 10% 31.3 4. Free from added preservatives 27.8% 5. Vegetarian 21.0% 6. Recycled 20.9% 7. Free from artificial coloring 19.7% 8. No added sugar 16.1% 9. Social media 16.1% and 10. Sustainability, 13.7%, which is consistent with global fruit juice product characteristics.

When considering the top 3 Thai fruit juice export markets, it was found that the United States Which is the No. 1 fruit juice importer in the world, has always been the No. 1 export market for Thailand and is likely to continue to be the No. 1 fruit juice export market in Thailand. Thailand has a proportion of fruit juice exports to the US market At a high level, in 2021, Thailand’s fruit juice exports to the US amounted to US$266.30 million. accounted for 41.6% of the total export value of Thai fruit juices. by the fruit juice market trend in the US There is an increasing popularity of organic fruit juices. Healthy fruit juices, for example, are low in sugar or calories.

as well as adding beneficial substances such as vitamins and prebiotics US consumers Want to drink fruit juice to help care and prevent health problems in the future. and attaches great importance to the quality of the ingredients in the juice.

The second most important fruit juice export market in Thailand is China. In 2021, Thailand exported fruit juice to China worth 48.18 million US dollars. accounted for 7.5%. The Chinese market has become Thailand’s important fruit juice export market since 2017 (in 2017, China was Thailand’s 4th largest export market, accounting for 4 percent). Export value to the Chinese market continued to expand. for the fruit juice market trends in China Popular fruit juices that are highly concentrated. Emphasize vitamins and minerals extracted directly from the fruit. No added sweeteners, colors or preservatives. And the popularity of buying fruit juice through online platforms is increasing.

the netherlands It is Thailand’s third most important fruit juice export market with an export value of US$ 36.22 million. from past statistical data The Netherlands used to be Thailand’s major fruit juice export market. In 2012, Thailand exported fruit juices to the Netherlands. is worth 65.16 million US dollars. But at present, the value of Thai fruit juice exports to the Netherlands has decreased considerably. The Netherlands is the world’s third largest fruit juice importer, while the major fruit juice exporters to the Netherlands are Brazil, Germany and Poland. Philippines which exports fruit juice of the same type as Thailand The types of Thai fruit juices exported to the Dutch market are pineapple juice (HS 200949) and other fruit juices (HS 200989).

Mr. Ronnakon said that fruit juice is a product of the Thai food and beverage group. with good prospects and able to expand export value It also helps create added value for agricultural products. including farmers should be involved in the management of sustainable fruit juice production supply chains taking into account the environment and ethical as well as choosing packaging that is environmentally friendly as well as follow the trends of consumer behavior in important Thai markets including related regulations such as sugar tax, carbon label standards traceability This will allow Thai fruit juice producers and brands to adjust the production process. Improve taste and texture Conduct research and product development (R&D) to meet the needs of consumers in key export markets.


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