Stuck underwater for 8 hours! 70-year-old eye. A worker sucks sand. A piece of wood overlaps. Fortunately, the oxygen line is still working.

Stuck underwater for 8 hours! 70-year-old eye. A worker sucks sand. A piece of wood overlaps. Fortunately, the oxygen line is still working. Revealing the function of holding the sand suction nozzle A friend went down for a long time before notifying the officer to help survive.

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On the 16th of June, the officers of Sawang Phakdi Trang Foundation rescue team Received a report of a worker trapped underwater. Within the sand pit, the area of ​​Mu 7, Ban Han Mai Mat, Na Wong Subdistrict, Huai Yot District, Trang Province, has therefore organized rescue personnel. And more than 20 people with wet suits and equipment went to the area to help urgently. with rescuers from the Trang Charity Foundation Travel to join.

The accident scene was a private sand pit owned by Mr. Manich Chong Prasert or Ko Mu, 56 years old, a lonely area. Alternating steep terrain with an area of ​​more than 3 rai, adjacent to the Trang River Inside the sand pit, there is still water, opaque red, with workers trapped underwater at a depth of more than 5 meters since 9:00 a.m. Later known as Mr. Narong Srisuksai, 70 years old, is a worker of the pond. Rescuers then brainstormed a plan to help.

before two divers dived Found that the victim’s body was hit by a large log. and roots over the body from the waist to the legs attached to the bottom of the pond But fortunately, the oxygen line was on. before using a rope attached to the aforementioned log and using a car to carry Ho to pull the wood out of the body Until about 16.00 hrs., was able to bring himself up successfully with difficulty. In a state of shortness of breath, exhaustion, severe wounds on the fingers and body. Blood flowed all over the water. but conscious all the time Before being rushed to Huai Yot Hospital, he was told that he was in a safe condition.

Thanakrit Saiphea, head of Sawang Phakdi Trang Rescue, said from asking fellow workers that the victims had been working in the sand pit for many years. And has served the suction nozzle with experience and expertise. Before the accident, he went down to do his usual duties in the morning at 9:00 am, wearing an oxygen hose. Before around 11:40 am, fellow workers at the top began to worry that the victim had been underwater for a long time. before pulling and twitching the oxygen cable connected to the machine above But it appeared that no response was received. Therefore, it is expected that it is already trapped underwater. and called the authorities to help Initially, it was estimated that while the victim was holding a sand hood, the logs buried in the sand slipped down with the collapsing sand all the time. until it overlaps such a figure

while Mr. Nattawut Khemakon, 43 years old, the chief diver Sawang Phakdi Trang Foundation said that after being informed, he assessed the situation that the victim was likely still alive. because the oxygen machine used in occupation is still working and air bubbles come out of the water So he ordered the divers to dive down 2 sets, found that they were still conscious and responsive to everything. sitting under water Hold the rescuer’s hand, ask for help and try to talk all the time. which the ground is very cloudy by assessing and taking action to make the victims as safe as possible before successfully helping to bring the body up


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