Student called home and sexually assaulted several times: Teacher arrested

Teacher arrested for having sex with student The incident took place in Pickens County, South Carolina, USA. A man who received information about the relationship between the two was sending a secret message to the police. The two were caught in a police investigation following the visit. Police said the teacher pleaded guilty during questioning.

The school authorities fired the teacher after she confessed to having sex with the student. The police received a complaint on December 31. Catherine Flogger Pelfrey, a teacher at a school in Pickens County, has been arrested. Catherine Flogger Pelfre, 31, has been a teacher at the school since 2017. Teacher Yussex had sex with a 16-year-old student in her class.

The student was allegedly called to a house near Clemson on a non-school day and sexually assaulted. They later repeated this several times. The teacher arrested in the case was later released on $ 10,000 bail. Catherine Flogger fired Pelfrey from her job following an arrest, school officials said in a statement following the arrest.


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