Student kills strangled sex worker I was scammed, sold things that weren’t on the cover, accidentally committed a “sin” that broke religious rules.

Thrilling case A young student is scammed into sex work Knowing the truth, a heavy shock Committed a “sin” against religious rules by accident, bleeding in the face, slipping into a murderer.

news agency Daily Mail A report on the case of a student who has been accused of murder after buying sexual services online By understanding that the partner was a 38-year-old woman, but finally discovered that the other was a 69-year-old woman, causing her to lose control of her temper and kill the victim

according to the report found “Kimberley” was found dead in her apartment on January 14, 2022, after relatives reported her missing. The rotting body had a wire wrapped around its neck. Police found and met Valencia, a 23-year-old Colombian student studying in Sydney. who pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter

Valencia said he found Kimberley, who claimed to be a “38-year-old G cup” online, but within 10 minutes of providing sex that day. He noticed something different. and found that the other was a transgender woman The two had a heated argument in the flat. and he cannot control his temper punches in Kimberley’s face and stomach He also strangled her neck with an electric wire for a few seconds, but he did not expect her to die.

Valencia repeats that “Having sex with men is against my religious beliefs. This is the reason for this accident.”

Valencia is facing trial in the New South Wales High Court. The judge found Valencia not guilty of murder. But he was guilty of manslaughter with intent. By believing that Valencia did not intend to kill the other party But because Kimberley had been through Surgery to remove the Adam’s apple This makes the thyroid cartilage vulnerable to injury. Nor has it been proven beyond reasonable doubt. who intended to kill or cause serious injury While they were fighting in the flat

However, the case is not over yet. Another hearing is scheduled for May. While the police investigation also found that Kimberly also falsified her age, which was actually 69 years old.