Students returning from Sudan call for a solution to complete their studies, Sahara Media

Mauritanian students returning from Sudan called on the Mauritanian government to find an “urgent” solution in order to complete their studies, which were suspended months ago.

The students said in a statement that they hold the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research “fully responsible for dealing with such special and exceptional cases before it is too late.”

They continued: “Since then, we have been seeking to find opportunities to complete our studies, through the Mauritanian Ministry of Higher Education as an official body concerned with the first degree, and to this day, there is nothing new to mention, with all sorrow and regret.”

The students added that they place high hopes on President Mohamed Ould Sheikh Ghazouani in order to find a solution to continue their studies and recover what remains of “our lost future,” as they put it.

The students praised the “tremendous” efforts made by the Mauritanian ambassador to Sudan to solve the problem of their cessation of studies, praising his constant standing with them since the outbreak of war in Sudan.


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