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Studies have shown that Moderna is the most effective. Reduce severe illness and hospitalizations

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The case of Moderna is the most efficient. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States. revealed the results of a new study that covid 19 vaccine Moderna company’s products are most effective at preventing people infected with COVID-19. need to be hospitalized

Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines It is inferior in efficacy in preventing COVID-19 patients from having to be hospitalized.

The efficacy of the three vaccines used in the US are the mRNA vaccines Moderna and Pfizer and the viral vector, or viral vector, vaccine.

Moderna is at 93%.

Pfizer Bontech is at 88%.

Johnson & Johnson is 71%.

However, although the data from the study indicates that Vaccines offer different levels of protection. But not all vaccines can protect people from COVID-19. need to be hospitalized The study gathered data from 3,600 adults who were hospitalized in about 20 US states during March. – Aug this year

Incidentally, researchers revealed that the efficacy of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine will begin to decline at a greater rate than that of Moderna and began to decline from the 4th month after the second dose of vaccination, at a level of 77%.

The CDC said the reason for the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine was that decreases more than It may come from the amount of time between the first and second injection. The Moderna’s were four weeks apart and the Pfizer’s were three weeks apart, which could have caused the immune levels from the Moderna vaccine to be higher than that of Pfizer’s.

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