Study Abroad OCSC International Education EXPO 2022

Good response “OCSC International Education EXPO 2022”, an international education fair Held under the concept of “Find Yourself, Sharpen Your Skills” or “Find the right self, go (continue to study) further than you think” with students – students. Work hard

Completed with the study abroad fair”OCSC International Education EXPO 2022“The only event in Thailand a collection of educational institutions and scholarship sources from all over the world for those interested in making an important study plan For the future of the children of Thailand on 12-13 November 2022 at the Royal Paragon Hall , 5th floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Centre.

such activities Held under the concept of “Find Yourself, Sharpen Your Skills” or “Find the True Identity, Go (Continue Studying) Beyond Thinking” during the entire 2-day activity period, it received a good response from both students – students and those interested in studying abroad There are participants to find the right identity. Follow your favorite dreams According to the main concept of a large number of times

At the event, in addition to the participants he will receive advice and funding information from organizations. and universities from all over the world, more than 24 countries, 250 institutions such as University of Queensland Australia, University of Ottawa Canada, Huaqiao University, China, Waseda University Japan, University of Eastern Finland Finland, University of Dublin Ireland, College Institute of the King of the United Kingdom, Seattle College USA and other institutions.

In addition, there are many booths that have attracted the attention of the participants, including the OCSC booth. Office of the Civil Service Commission which provides guidance on studying abroad and information on government funding, advice and applying for scholarships at all levels. Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degree, testing zone for civil service entrance exams Or government scholarship test before entering the real field and also able to talk fully with visiting government higher scholarship students with the Alumni booth throughout the 2 days also what activities these All received the attention of the attendees intensively.

Including there are activities on stage which are active throughout the event. with embassies and organizations from different countries Including people with experience of continuing education and living abroad Let’s share useful stories together, such as a discussion on “Humans in 3 Languages ​​​​Take Us Beyond Thinking: Korean, Japanese, Chinese ” by 3 influencers Jay-Siros of Jaybabyfood, Beam-Sitharat of Beam Sensei and Petch-Thanathaporn of PetchZ, a discussion on “M.6 scholarship, how to prepare to get a scholarship from the Office of the Civil Service Commission”, about the experience by Pee Asawachinda, student of the Royal Education Scholarship in the language line of the year 2015. , Talk on the topic of “Dos and don’ts when far from home” by Kaana-Phongpisut Jongudomsuk from Farang Ang Mo page. and Om-Pantaphon Prasarnratchakit, the lead singer of the cocktail band who share their experiences of living abroad full of information and fun, etc.

Study Abroad OCSC International Education EXPO 2022

Dr Piyawat Siwarak The Secretary General of the Civil Service Commission spoke about the success of the event. OCSC International Education EXPO 2022 This is that after not organizing this event for 2 years this year, it was found that Thai students are still interested in studying abroad. Despite the epidemic situation and, of course, in the booth Office of the Civil Service Commission still receiving intense attention The students and the students who inquired have different goals for further study. which is our duty to present what you are interested in including suggesting guidelines for studying abroad especially For those interested in government service We have a number of government scholarships open for applications. to support children who have gone to develop themselves and come back to develop our country further And this year, there are also activities for participants to share feedback about the event. both favorite part and would like to have more We will bring the children’s ideas. collect for analysis and development in the next event Because this is the voice of the real participants.

see you again at the OCSC International Education EXPO 2023 in the next year 2023. For more information, contact the website: occexpo and call 02 690 2682.

Study Abroad OCSC International Education EXPO 2022

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