Stunning figure “Ice Apisada” degree of sexual overflow Only 2 weeks after birth

Oh! Too much resistance, the mother of “Ice Apisada” took a photo of a beautiful figure that shocked her. sexual overflow Just 2 weeks after giving birth, fans flocked to comment on the popularity as if they were never pregnant.

It can be said that she is another mother who sweeps her voice admiring her beauty, her perfection and her sexuality from time immemorial. for the young woman “Ice Apisada Kruekongka” that even when pregnant Damage, your daughter’s sexuality still does not leak. and after giving birth “Little Leia” The first girl was only 2 weeks old. The shape of the girl Ia was in place very quickly.

“Fat Arisara” serves elegant images from head to toe. as a Taiwanese daughter-in-law

“Big M” announced a comeback in the middle of IG on his 34th birthday parade to send blessings

“Annie Brook” gives advice on raising children to be appropriate for their age Don’t worry about the mouths of people who don’t raise them!

Latest (March 27, 2023) Ice girl revealed a hot scene to melt her heart with a shot wearing a shiny dress. Show off your long legs and big overflowing breasts to catch the eye. post on personal instagram Do this event, friends, entertainers and fans. Do not fail to press as for the degree of sexuality. and commented on the beauty of the beautiful figure as if she had ever been pregnant with ice women like “This is actually the latest picture. Where did the belly go?”, “Mmmmm milk”, “When you have a younger sister, you look beautiful, sweet, beautiful, cool, beautiful and smooth, Khun Ice. Thank you for posting pictures of the younger ones for the fans to see too. She’s really cute”, “Mom looks really cool”, “Mom has never been fat. Pregnant or not, the it’s one thing. More is doom”, “Your mother is very shapely, very fast, beautiful”, “Did you give birth to Tip? What’s the difference between being pregnant and not being pregnant? Take care about yourself very well”, “Give birth immediately, become thinner”, “Mum is very beautiful”, “Newly delivered but she has a great tone”, etc.

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