Su-mi Eun appeals 2 years in prison for ‘bribery and abuse of power’

Photo courtesy of Yonhap News

The former Mayor of Seongnam, Eun Su-mi, who was sentenced to two years in prison in the first case, appealed for receiving an illegal request from a police officer who was responsible for passing on investigation information to her.

According to the legal community, former mayor Eun filed an appeal with the court today.

Former Mayor Eun was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of abuse of power and bribery on the 16th and was sentenced to a fine of 10 million won and a fine of 4.67 million won.

The court of first instance said, “As the mayor, the accused must supervise and direct the municipal administration and public officials, but he participated in the crime for personal gain and harmed the fairness of the contract at the government level seriously.”

The court continued, “Nevertheless, the accused denied all the crimes for unreasonable reasons without reflection, and serious punishment is inevitable, such as transferring responsibility, saying that his subordinates did it for personal gain.”

In response, former Mayor Eun said, after the sentence, “I believe he will be found not guilty, and it’s unfair,” and said he would appeal.

Former Mayor Eun was charged on charges of receiving inappropriate solicitations, such as personnel requests and delivery contracts, on the condition that the police officer in charge was handed over confidential information about the investigation when he was being investigated for breaching the Political Funds Act 2018.

He is also accused of receiving 4.67 million worth of money and wine won by Mr Park, a policy adviser.

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