“Suarez” Mao Song! At Madrid is not easy to kill Aibar to hold the crowd.

“Bear” of coach Sholo Simeone narrowly survived after a penalty at the end of the game of Luis Suarez led the team to chase over Eibar 2-1 to collect 44 points to seize the sergeant. The crowd left 7 points away from the White King, plus less than one match in the Spanish La Liga Cup on Thursday night.

Stadium: Estadio Municipal de Ipurua

12 minutes through the soaring home lead in a rhythmic lead of Janik Carrasco to squeeze Yoshinori Muto into the penalty area, the referee does not delay, blows on a penalty and is a mark. Mitrovich, the goalkeeper, came up and killed him, he never missed.

At the 27th minute, Atmadrid got a bit nervous from the stroke of a corner on the left, the ball was ricochet, came to the far post to Angel Coreaat, followed by the water with the right side of the bike, the tails slashed, the beam fell a little

But then in the 40th minute, “Brand Mee” came after the equalizer, it was a mistake for Sergio Alvarez to hit the ball to block Marcos Lorrente looking for his own doorway. Luis Suarez inserted and snatched before hitting the right net.

First half, Ebar 1 At Madrid 1

The opening of the second half, 51st minute, Eibar greeted first from the cross on the left side, Kique Garcia intersected in the front of the charge, the ball fell off the first post, unfortunately.

60 minutes past the center is a home who, even with less possession of the ball, but has been able to win many goals, this time a 30-yard free kick of Anaitz Arbiya.

9 minutes later, from a corner kick on the left side, Pedro B. Gas swooped up to cut the front of the defensive line “Brand Bear”, but the stroke hit badly, the ball changed the way through the front of the vehicle, Oblak, off the post farther away as before.

At the last 5 minutes, the visiting team missed a golden opportunity. A defensive line missed Aibar, losing the ball for Luis Suarez to stab it on the left, to hold Felix to find a spinning hole on the right, close to the first post to the end of Marco’s hand. Mitrovic

But then 2 minutes later, “Brand Bear” came to the goal from Anaitz Arbilla’s error to defeat Luis Suarez in the penalty area. The referee waited for a VAR check first. Confirmed to be a penalty, Luis Suarez rose to “Paneneca” superior.

Finish the game, Aibar 1, At Madrid 2

11 real players

Aibar (4-2-3-1) Marcood Mitrovic-Alejandro Poso, Paolo Oliviera, Pedro Begas, Anaitz RBYA-Takeshi Inui, Edou Expo Cito, Papé Diop, Bryan Kyl-Quique Garcia, Sergie Enrich (Yoshinori Muto)

Atlét Madrid (3-4-2-1) Jan Oblac – Stefan Savic, Jose Kimenez, Felipe-Zime Versaljko, Marcos Jorente, Saul Jíquez, Yannik Carrasco-Angel Corea, Tomar Le Mar-Luis Suarez

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