Sub-district Administrative Organization. From winning to always refuse to draw

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30 Nov 2021 21:59

At Sakon Nakhon, SAO candidates filed a complaint with the Election Commission, having finished counting the votes, knowing that they had won the election until they had posted a sign. But in the end it always becomes refuse to draw because it has been won I believe the numbers have been corrected.

On November 30, 2021, Mr. Sakon Yubolmai, 60 years old, residing at 38 Moo 10, Wanon Niwat Subdistrict, Wanon Niwat District, Sakon Nakhon Province, submitted a letter to the Office of the Election Commission of Sakon Nakhon Province requesting the right to object to choose SAO Wanonniwat Subdistrict Administrative Organization Constituency 7 on November 28, 2021 to the Chairman of the Sakon Nakhon Provincial Election Commission.

Mr Sakon stated that the following incidents occurred. with the Election Commission SAO Wanonniwat Subdistrict Administrative Organization Constituency 7 has held elections. and counting the votes for announcing the results of the election successfully There were 302 voters who voted, 291 good cards, 9 bad cards, 2 unwilling ballots, candidate No. 1 got 145 votes, of which he was candidate No. 2, getting 146 points. Announcing the results of the election for candidate number 2 to win the election. and recorded in the vote counting report form Subdistrict Administrative Organization completed ready to put on the board He saw that he had won and returned home with joy.”

However, about 20 minutes after the incident, it was confirmed that the result of the election was a tie, 146-146, with the committee saying that a lottery will be held for the selection. The Sub-district Administrative Organization of the 7th constituency had doubts about the result of the vote. and found that the relatives of candidate No. 1 asked to see the invalid card in the polling station and a bad card is taken for diagnosis Change from bad card to good card and increase the score for applicants number 1 without applicants or a relative of number 2 is in the event Therefore, he asked to check all the bad cards and found that there was one bad card of candidate number 2 who wanted the Election Commission to make a new diagnosis. which the chairman of the committee has coordinated to the central committee It was found that the bad card was a good card. As a result, he received an additional 1 vote to 147 to win the election again.

“But the committee did not take action to correct the score. The board backed off. Refusing to correct the score and said to go to the judgment Wanon Niwat Subdistrict Election Commissioner until having to accept the score of 146-146, and the Election Commission of Wanon Niwat Sub-district He told the Election Commission that he had broken the rules because the invalid cards had been punched and the names of 3 directors had already been signed and could not be added to the vote. and told the Board that How many points are submitted? cannot be added which he did not accept the verdict, the Wanon Niwat Sub-district Election Commission So informed him that will send the matter The provincial Election Commission is investigating. and decide on the score”

Subsequently, the Election Coordination Center of the Sub-District Administrative Organization notified to listen to the clarification and draw a lottery on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 10.00 a.m. in a letter issued by the Election Coordination Center Wanon Niwat Subdistrict Administrative Organization is not from the Provincial Election Commission and has said that if he does not come, it will be considered a waiver.

In addition, he had doubts about the consideration of the Election Commissioner of Wanon Niwat Subdistrict Administrative Organization. Score diagnosis and the performance of duties of the Board of Directors Election Commissioner including good and bad cards Will there be any errors? with the intention to give voting Counting the ballots and aggregating the ballots accurately and truly in line with the people’s intentions. Therefore, please check and consider taking action.

On the other hand, Ms. Juthamas Chanto, acting director of the Sakon Nakhon Election Commission had the investigative department take the case Ready to say that the investigative officer will be sent to check how true it is. The facts are still unknown. Please believe that we do it honestly. The possible approach That is, there is an order to count the new votes. Or only have to re-elect.

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