Subin Sue, Park Hee-soon and Seo Jeong-yeon’s affair revealed … Kim Hyeon-joo in shock (‘Trolley’)

[뉴스컬처 노규민 기자] A new revelation about Park Hee’s ‘Trolley’ continued soon. Kim Hyun-joo was shocked.

In the 13th episode of the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Trolley’ (director Kim Moon-gyo, playwright Ryu Bo-ri, production studio S), which aired on the 6th, another unprecedented reversal ending emerged. Following the secret of Nam Ji-hoon’s (Jung Taek-hyeon) death, Kim Soo-bin (Jung Soo-bin) revealed the fact that Nam Joong-do (Park Hee-soon) and Hyeon Yeo-jin (Seo Jeong-yeon) ) have a relationship. The sense of betrayal towards the two most trusted people in the world caused great confusion for Kim Hye-joo (played by Kim Hyun-joo).

‘trolley’. Photo = SBS

After meeting Kim Soo-bin earlier, Kim Hye-ju, who returned, questioned Nam Joong-do about the truth of ‘that night’. The alibi he made up on the day his son Ji-hoon Nam died and the story he told during the investigation right after the accident all contradicted Kim Soo-bin’s revelation. In response, Nam Joong-do denied that he had met Nam Ji-hoon, but kept quiet, saying that he could not tell who he met. Meanwhile, Jin Seung-hee’s (Ryu Hyun-kyung) revelations quickly spread online, and Nam Joong-do repeatedly asked Kim Hye-joo to appear on TV, saying, “The supported side public opinion will tell the truth.”

However, Kim Hye-joo’s trust has already collapsed, and Namjung-do’s ‘Lamgungsol Law’ has also been postponed. The reaction dropped that Jin Seung-hee’s revelation of Kim Hye-joo’s past did not fit the purpose of ‘Namgungsol Law’. Here, Kang Soon-hong (Jang Gwang-bun) came to Woo Jin-seok (Kim Mi-kyung) and proposed a deal to oppose the promotion of the ‘Namgung Sol Law’ at the party level, instead of passing 10 public welfare bills. Kim Hye-joo also took a direct hit. Voices began to encourage him to find out the truth, and when even his daughter Nam Yoon-seo (Choi Myung-bin) did not believe in himself, he changed his mind to appear on television.

Nam Joong-do expressed his gratitude and regret for Kim Hye-joo’s permission to appear on TV. Kim Hye-joo then said, “The thing you must be sorry for me now is that day,” and asked again what happened that day. Finally, Nam Joong-do admitted that he met Nam Ji-hoon and humiliated him. And he shed tears of remorse and self-reproach as it seems that his son’s death was his fault. Kim Hye-joo, who understands his feelings more than anyone else, cried with him and comforted him.

In the middle of this, Kim Hye-joo heard that Nam Ji-hoon was not the father of the fetus that Kim Soo-bin conceived, and that he had a miscarriage. Although he was glad that Nam Ji-hoon had not committed a sexual assault, he was worried about Kim Soo-bin, who must have suffered a difficult time alone. Kim Soo-bin, who heard Kim Hye-joo’s voicemail as if he felt her sincerity, came to the book repair room in the middle of the night through the rain. But he brought up a completely unexpected story. Nam Joong-do said that he had an inappropriate relationship with Hyun Yeo-jin, suggesting the possibility that he murdered Nam Ji-hoon.

At the end of the broadcast, along with Kim Soo-bin’s revelation, he gave the subtitle ‘denial’ (不貞), which appeared over the scene of Nam Joong-do and Hyun Yeo-jin facing each other by the door of the study in the middle. strong turn. Despite the intense suspicion and distrust towards Namjungdo, attention focused on whether even Hyun Yeo-jin, who was the only one he could trust until the end, had cheated on Kim Hye-joo. Attention is focused on where the end of Namjungdo, which is shrouded in lies and secrets, will be and what the truth of ‘that night’ will be confessed in tears.

The 14th episode of ‘Trolley’ will be broadcast today (7th) at 10pm.

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