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Successfully collect CC fragments? ! -2021 NBA Draft Lottery Thunder Spectator Handbook-NBA-Basketball

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The 2021 NBA Draft will be the first time the Thunder have had the TOP10 pick since 2009-longer than the last time the Phoenix Suns made the playoffs (laughs) In fact, due to the Thunder’s relocation and opening from Seattle After the new team history, most of the time has remained above the level of competitiveness, so 13 years of team history, after 2009, 2015, the third time to participate in the draft lottery decision draft. Xiao Mei didn’t care too much about how this happened in the past. The following are about when, where, and how Draft Lottery will proceed, and the 7 Qs of the Thunder’s possible lottery results. I don’t know much about himself and like me Small homework done by fans:

Q1. When will Draft Lottery be launched?

This year’s NBA Draft Lottery will be held at 8:30 pm on June 22nd, US time, and converted to 8:30 am on June 23rd, Taiwan time. Although basketball fans should know it, let me mention it first: NBA Draft Lottery is not an NBA Draft, it just determines the draft order of teams that have not made the playoffs in the draft (held on July 29th, US time).

Back to Draft Lottery, less than three days from the moment this article was published, the Thunder will know how the results of collecting the “CC Fragments” for the entire season will be.

Q2. Where is Draft Lottery held?

It will be conducted at the Barclays Center in New York, and will be broadcast live on TV and online. This stadium had a chance to play this year’s Eastern Championship series, but the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in today’s playoffs and also declared the end of the season.

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Q3. Which teams participate in Draft Lottery?

The 14 teams that did not enter the playoffs will participate. This year is the third year that the NBA has updated the new probability system. But especially because of the introduction of the Play-in play-off system, the 16 teams that finally played in the playoffs are not routine. The top 8 teams in the east and west regions after the game! The 9th Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference successfully challenged and replaced the Golden State Warriors into the playoffs, causing the Warriors to fall into the Draft Lottery, which did not make the playoffs.

After the sorting determined by the copper toss a few days ago, the 14 teams ranked according to the probability of obtaining the first pick from the highest to the lowest are:

1. Houston Rockets (52.1% of the top 4 picks, 14.0% of the first pick. If the top 4 picks are not obtained, the pick will be transferred to the Thunder)
2. Detroit Pistons (52.1%, 14.0%)
3. Orlando Magic (52.1%, 14.0%)
4. Oklahoma City Thunder (45.1%, 11.5%)
5. Cleveland Cavaliers (45.1%, 11.5%)
6. Minnesota Timberwolves (37.2%, 9.0%, if the top 3 picks are not obtained, the pick will be transferred to the Warriors)
7. Toronto Tyrannosaurus (31.9%, 7.5%)
8. Chicago Bulls (20.3%, 6.0%, if the top 4 picks are not obtained, the pick will be transferred to the Magic)
9. Sacramento Kings (20.3%, 4.5%)
10. New Orleans Pelicans (20.3%, 4.5%)
11.Charlotte Hornets (8.5%, 4.5%)
12.San Antonio Spurs (8.0%, 1.8%)
13. Indiana Pacers (4.8%, 1.7%)
14.Golden State Warriors (2.4%, 0.5%)

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By the way: It is 37 years since the NBA introduced Draft Lottery. Before this year, the team with the worst record (that is, the highest probability) “success” won the No. 1 pick 8 times. 8 out of 36 times, about 22%, is that too much? Different people have different opinions.

At the other end of the high probability, the Magic won the No. 1 pick with the lowest probability (1.52%) in 1993 (Penny Hardaway was traded after Chris Webber was selected), while the Bulls in 2008 and the Cavaliers in 2014 both scored 1.70. % Chance to get the 1st overall pick Derrick Rose and Andrew Wiggins respectively.

In recent years, the NBA’s probability system has been modified to reduce the probability of teams with poor records getting the No. 1 pick, and to prevent teams with poor competitiveness from starting to lose out early. In the current system, the probability (14%) of the team with the worst record to get the No. 1 pick is actually only twice that of the team with the seventh from the bottom, which means that the chance of unexpected lottery results is not small. For example, in 2019, the penultimate Pelicans have a 6% chance to get the first overall pick and select Zion Williamson, while the worst record of the New York Knicks gets the third overall pick.

Q4. How does Draft Lottery work?

The basic mechanism is this: 14 ping pong balls with numbers 1 to 14 are placed in a large transparent capsule container. Four of the 14 ping pong balls, the so-called C 14 takes 4, will produce 1,001 combinations. After deducting the combination of “11, 12, 13, 14”, the 1,000 combinations are the “lotto combination number”. . Representatives of the 14 teams participating in Draft Lottery will be assigned to 1,000 combinations, corresponding to the number of combinations that have the chance of getting the first pick. For example, the Rockets (14%) will have the most 140 combination numbers, and the Thunder (11.5%) ) Has 115 and the Warriors (0.5%) have 5. Then the lottery is ready to start-

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After the device is started, 14 ping-pong balls will be stirred in the capsule for 20 seconds, and then the first ping-pong ball will be spit out. Then every 10 seconds, the second, third, and fourth table tennis balls are sequentially spit out. At this point, the numbers on the four table tennis balls appear, and the lotto combination number representing the first pick is generated, and the number combination has The team won the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft! (Prophecy: Congratulations to the Thunder for winning the No. 1 pick and successfully collecting CC fragments! XD)


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