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Africa is the continent with the most military coups. Since 1950 alone, more than 200 coups have been reported in various countries. Sudan tops the list. There have been several military coups since independence from Britain and Egypt, five of which have been successful.

Sudan began with invasions. In 1821, the territories of Sudan were conquered by Egypt. In 1881, the Sudanese resistance began under the leadership of the Islamic cleric Muhammad Ahmad. In 1898, British and Egyptian allied forces defeated the Sudanese and began joint rule in the region. Sudan becomes independent on January 1, 1956. About 50 percent of the country’s population is African Arab. They live mainly in the northern provinces of the country. Most of these are Christians.

In 1958, the first military coup took place in Sudan. General Abboud seized power from the People’s Government. In 1962, rebels began a civil war in the southern provinces. In 1964, through a joint struggle of teachers, students and lawyers, popular rule was restored in the country. This event is known in the history of Sudan as the October Revolution. In 1969, the army, led by Jafar Numayri, regained power in what became known as the May Revolution. Oil deposits were discovered in southern Sudan in 1978.

In 1983, civil war broke out again in the country. The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, led by John Gerang, began its struggle against the government in the south. In 1983, President Noumair declared Islamic law in the country, leading to civil war in Christian-African South Sudan.

In 1989, a movement known as the National Salvation Revolution led to the recapture of Omar al – Bashir. The ceasefire agreement, which ended 19 years of civil war, came into force in 2002. Sudan has made economic progress despite the country’s instability. It is an oil exporting country. Following the 2011 referendum, the country split into two, Sudan and South Sudan.

The name Sudan is derived from the Arabic word “Bilad-al-Sudan”. The word means the land of blacks. Dharbhar in western Sudan is a region where more than three million people have been killed in five years. More than 20 lakh people have fled the area since 2003 to escape the massacre.

The army has declared a state of emergency in Sudan following the dismissal of the caretaker government. Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has been arrested. Five key leaders have been arrested, including Industry Minister Ibrahim al-Sheikh and Information Minister Hamza Baloul. General Abdel Fakta Burhan announced on national television that the government and the Supreme Committee had been dissolved. The country’s Internet connection has also been blocked.

Prominent leaders of the interim government are also being held captive by the military. Ayman Khalid, the governor of the capital, Khartoum, was also reportedly arrested. Former rebel leader Yasir Arman, an adviser to the prime minister, is also in jail. Roads and bridges are closed by the army. Army. The national news channel broadcasts patriotic songs and scenes from the Nile.

General Burhan said the fighting between various political parties had prompted the military to seize power. He said democracy in the country would be restored.

In the capital, Khartoum, and in the twin cities of Onderman, people protested vigorously against the military coup. Three people were killed in a shootout with protesters. 80 people were injured. Major political parties in the country, including the Communist Party, have called for protests. The UN envoy to Sudan has strongly condemned the military action that thwarted efforts to restore democracy in Sudan. He demanded the release of the arrested Prime Minister and other leaders. The European Union and the United States have expressed concern over the coup. The United States has called on the Sudanese military to refrain from undermining efforts to restore democracy. China has also demanded that the issues be discussed and resolved.

The Arab League and the Saudi-based Islamic Co-operation have called on both sides to abide by the declaration signed in 2019 to ensure the restoration of democracy. There is widespread aggression against democracy in various parts of the world.

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