Sudio Launches Stylish and Eco-Friendly Wireless Earphone ‘A1’ in Korea

Sovico AV Introduces Sudio’s Latest Innovation: The ‘A1’ Fully Wireless Earphones

Sovico AV, a renowned audio technology brand, has unveiled the latest addition to Sudio’s impressive lineup of audio equipment in Korea. The all-new ‘A1’ model is a truly wireless earphone designed to deliver an exceptional listening experience.

Combining Scandinavian Design with Impeccable Sound Quality

Swedish audio equipment brand Sudio is known for its ability to strike the perfect balance between clean, vibrant sound and sleek Scandinavian design. The ‘A1’ model embodies this philosophy, offering a modern, simple, and stylish design that is bound to enchant both the eyes and ears of its users.

Moreover, Sudio is committed to sustainability, evident in their efforts to create an eco-friendly brand. They have taken steps such as eliminating plastic from the packaging and incorporating a genuine leather case into the design. Sudio continues to pave the way in developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

A Stunning Array of Colors to Complement Your Style

With the release of the ‘A1’ model, Sudio presents a visually captivating range of color options. From Snow White to Candy Pink, Sienna Red, Purple Rain, Misty Blue, and Midnight Blue, there are a total of six vibrant colors to choose from. These trendy and eye-catching hues make the ‘A1’ earphones not just a cutting-edge audio accessory but also a fashionable statement piece.

Unmatched Comfort and Functionality

The ‘A1’ earphones prioritize both comfort and convenience. Crafted with a lightweight and ergonomically designed structure, they provide a snug fit for extended usage without causing discomfort. With touch-sensitive controls, users can easily play, pause, switch playlists, and handle calls effortlessly.

The ‘A1′ boasts an impressive battery life of up to 6.5 hours on a full charge, and when the case is factored in for charging, the total usage time extends to a remarkable 30 hours. Additionally, its solid 5.3 Bluetooth connection ensures a seamless connection to any device, while the headphones’ IPX4 grade waterproof function allows users to enjoy their music even in sweaty conditions or light rain during workouts.

Experience the Fusion of Style and Cutting-Edge Technology

Sovico AV is offering the ‘A1’ earphones at a consumer price of 58,000 won. Starting from August 16th (Wednesday), customers can explore and purchase this remarkable audio innovation through Sovico AV’s online and offline authorized dealers, who are the official importers in Korea.

Sovico AV announced that Sudio’s new fully wireless earphone ‘A1’ model has been released in Korea.

Swedish audio equipment brand Sudio delivers balanced, clean and vibrant sound with a Scandinavian design that is modern, simple and stylish. It is a real lifestyle brand that delights eyes and ears in everyday life.

In addition, efforts for an eco-friendly brand, such as removing plastic from the packaging and making a genuine leather case, are all incorporated into the design. Sudio continues to strive to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

The newly released ‘A1’ is an attractive model with various colours, from Snow White to Candy Pink, Sienna Red, Purple Rain, and Misty Blue. Blue), Midnight Blue, a total of 6 different colors

You can choose according to your choice. The bright and trendy colors unique to ‘A1’ are perfect for use as fashion items.

Lightweight, ergonomically designed headphones are a comfortable fit for long-time use, and play, pause, playlist movement, and call switching are possible with a simple touch, so you can use them convenient

It can be played for up to 6.5 hours on a full charge, and can be used for up to 30 hours including charging the case. In addition, it is firmly connected to the device with a 5.3 Bluetooth connection, and the headphones with IPX4 grade waterproof function can be used without problems even in sweaty weather or light rain during exercise.

The consumer price of ‘A1’ is 58,000 won, and from August 16 (Wednesday), you can listen to it and buy it through the online / offline agencies of Sobico AV, the official domestic importer.

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