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Sueb Phu Thon Region 9, arrested 2 gang members, shot at the husband-wife’s kitchen in Trang, met Pol Lt. Col. joining the killing team

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28 Oct. 2021 16:19

Police Region 9 arrested 2 out of 3 teams to kill husband and wife to buy latex at Trang Province, meet Pol Lt. Col., Deputy Superintendent of Investigation. Ron Phibun Police Station involved as a shooting team By causing the killings to come from personal conflicts, he was charged with 3 heavy charges

Progress in the case of the assailant used an M16 firearm to shoot the parents and children’s kitchen in Ratsada district, Trang province, resulting in the deaths of two spouses, Mr. Werayut Khun-In and Ms. Waraporn Piandee. As for the 14-year-old son, critical condition, the incident occurred on Petchkasem Road 403, Trang-Thung Song, Moo 2, Khuan Mao Subdistrict, Ratsada District, Songkhla Province, at 5:03 p.m. on September 9, 2021.

Latest progress: On October 28, 64 at the Provincial Police Region 9, Pol. Lt. Gen. Nanthadej Yoinuan, Commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 9, gave a press conference on the progress of this case. In this case, Pol Gen. Suchart Teerasawad, deputy police chief, went to the area to take over the case himself. and ordered to chase down the villain who committed the incident as quickly as possible And the investigative team led by Pol Maj Gen Thiwthawat Nakhon Si, Commander of Police Station 9, Pol. Col. Sakda Charoenkul, Deputy Commander of Police Station 9, Pol. Col. Dusit. Phromsin, Superintendent of Sor. Sor. 3, Superintendent of Sor. Sor. 9, Pol. Col. Banpot Dejma, Superintendent of Sor. Sor. Kaew, Superintendent of Police 6, editor of Police, Pol. Col. Rattakorn Phakdiwanich, Superintendent of the Trang Provincial Police Station, Pol. Col. Thanawat Sengsui, Superintendent of the Royal Thai Police. Songkhla
Joint investigation until all suspects are known. and proposed the Trang Provincial Court to issue an arrest warrant Three suspects involved in the attack include Pol Lt. Col. Waritthorn Prasitchai, 48, deputy superintendent of investigations. Ron Phibun Police Station Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Mr. Jirasak Klub Khan, 58 years old, and Mr. Chamni Chamnankit, 45 years old, Village Headman, Village No. 2, Kaew Saen Subdistrict, Nabon District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

And can track and arrest 1 person yesterday, namely Mr Chamni at PTT Thung Song gas station, Thung Song district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Which is the owner of an Isuzu pickup at half, registration number 5263 Nakhon Si Thammarat. The two criminals used to cause the crime, splicing and burning and destroying evidence in the rubber plantation, Moo 1, Kaew Saen Subdistrict, Nabon District
As for the shooting team, there are two people: Lt. Col. Waritthorn. with Mr. Jirasak Officers have been coordinated to surrender by Pol. Lt. Col. Waritthorn. It was reported that he was on vacation days before his arrest warrant was issued. Along with confiscating important evidence such as the wreckage of a burnt pickup truck. License plates, 3 shells, caliber 5.56 mm, 18 casings, and are following another Toyota Vios sedan, silver-colored, registration plate 1409 Trang, which is a car that drives the way. As for the cause of the investigation, it was revealed that it came from a personal conflict between Lt. Col. Waritthorn and the deceased Mr. Werayut, who had threatened to shoot Pol Lt. Col. Waritthorn. therefore have to take action first

Initially, the officers filed charges Pol Lt. Col. Warit and Mr. Jirasak, the firing squad included 3 counts: “joining to kill others with premise, together trying to kill others with premise, together with firearms and ammunition. The registrar was unable to issue a license for unauthorized possession, bringing firearms to the town and village, while Chamni Chamnankit, the owner of the pick-up truck, was charged with “encouraging others to commit crimes”. together to kill others”.

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