Suffering from After-Effects of Facial Paralysis: Broadcaster Choi Hee Shares Experience During Second Pregnancy

[Bold Heading: Choi Hee Opens Up About the After-Effects of Facial Paralysis During Second Pregnancy]

Renowned broadcaster Choi Hee recently shared her personal struggle with the after-effects of facial paralysis that occurred during her second pregnancy. In a video titled “Finally moving day! Introducing the parenting items I brought with me that I didn’t throw away (+ a taste of the new home!)” uploaded on her channel ‘Choi Hee Log’ on the 28th, she candidly discussed her journey.

Choi Hee began by acknowledging the challenges of moving with children, emphasizing that it is far from a normal experience. As the day of their relocation approached, she diligently organized and discarded items in preparation for the move. Reflecting on this process, she admitted, “I felt a surge of frustration at times. I wanted to sort things out quickly, but the moving date seemed distant. However, as the actual moving day neared, I became more determined and managed to declutter effectively.”

During the video, Choi Hee also addressed the topic of powdered milk, revealing the brand she selected for her second child, Ttobok (Taemyeong). She explained, “Since he was born, Ttobok has been consuming this specific powdered milk. My older sister recommended it after witnessing its positive impact on her own child. Ttobok has thrived without experiencing colic, thanks to this product.”

In a surprising revelation, Choi Hee disclosed that she did not breastfeed for an extended period. Following the childbirth of her first child, Seohu, she experienced facial paralysis but believed it had completely healed without any residual effects. However, during her second pregnancy with Ttobok, she encountered after-effects from the previous facial paralysis episode. “While pregnant, I self-treated through facial massages. Unfortunately, my condition worsened, causing considerable discomfort. After giving birth, I ceased breastfeeding and sought Botox treatments. Additionally, due to work commitments and other circumstances, I couldn’t breastfeed for an extended period. Consequently, I transitioned to formula feeding. Thankfully, Ttobok is growing well on this product,” she expressed.

Choi Hee’s openness about her experience with facial paralysis and parenting decisions provides valuable insight into the challenges faced by mothers.

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[OSEN=김나연 기자] Broadcaster Choi Hee shared her experience of suffering from the after-effects of facial paralysis during her second pregnancy.

On the 28th, a video titled “Finally moving day! |Introducing the parenting items I brought with me that I didn’t throw away (+ a taste of the new home!)” to the channel ‘Choi Hee Log’ .

On this day, before moving, Choi Hee said, “I don’t think it’s normal to move with children. Today is the last day, so I’ll organize what I need to do before moving , throw away what I want to do. throw away, and do my best until the end Since I have to keep moving, I’m going to move, so I’ll lay it all out. I was ‘live there. At some point, I was so angry. I wanted to sort things out quickly, but I kept saying, ‘I have to sort things out when I move,’ ‘Why don’t you move? ‘, ‘The moving date is not coming?’ But then the actual moving date was approaching, so I organized even more and threw it away, “I thought I should have gone,” he admitted.

Next, Choi Hee introduced the product to the question of what kind of powdered milk she was feeding her second child, Ttobok (Taemyeong), and explained, “I’ve been feeding him since he was a child. When he was a child, he ate well and grew well without colic, so I followed my older sister and chose this product.”

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Specifically, Choi Hee said, “I didn’t breastfeed for a long time. I didn’t breastfeed for a long time during Seohu, but there’s a reason why I breastfed for a short time during Ttobok .I had suffered from facial paralysis in I thought it had healed well with no after-effects, but after Ttobok, I did not breastfeed for a long time, “When I went pregnant, I experienced some after-effects,” she said, surprising people.

She said, “But as I couldn’t use medication or any other active treatment, I treated myself with facial massage while I was pregnant. But this was getting worse. I felt a lot of discomfort. After gave birth, I stopped breastfeeding and had a Botox treatment That’s it And I had to work, and for various reasons, I couldn’t breastfeed for a long time and now I’m formula feeding .Fortunately, he seems to be growing well, so I continue to feed him this product.”


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