Suffering from business difficulties and suspension of operations for half a year. Workers are taking to the streets

Suffering from business difficulties and suspension of operation for half a year.. Workers take to the streets / KBC News

Winia Electronics Manufacturing has been shutting down its production line for half a year.

It is a situation where salaries of 3.6 billion earned are delayed due to management difficulties.

When the management announced that it would restructure 130 workers, half of them, from next month, the workers protested and started to sit in a tent.

This is a report from reporter Koo Young-seul.

▶ sink
– “Let’s have employment security, let’s have employment security! Struggle!”

Workers from Winia Electronics Manufacturing, a home appliance manufacturer whose production line had stopped operating for half a year, took to the streets.

This is because the management immediately announced a large-scale restructuring of 130 employees, half of the employees, from next month.

Already late salaries for six months from September last year total to 3.6 billion won.

Unable to bear it, the workers began to sit in a tent, demanding the payment of late wages, including bonuses, the payment of the four main insurances, and the withdrawal of the restructuring plan.

▶ Interview: Lee Eun-soo / Metal Workers Union Electronics Winia Branch
– “Because we didn’t pay the 4 big insurance premiums, our employees can’t even get a proper credit card anywhere, and they can’t get a loan.

Winia Electronics is in a situation where large-scale restructuring cannot be avoided due to worsening business difficulties caused by Corona 19.

This year’s sales are said to have dropped by more than 90% compared to last year, and last year’s operating loss amounted to 11.5 billion won.

▶ Interview (☎): Person in charge of Winia Electronics Manufacturing
– “Even the situation where we couldn’t operate the factory… We were in a serious situation, so we cut costs and did a lot of things, but it wasn’t enough, so we did some structural innovation…”

The cause of the business crisis is the weakening of competitiveness in foreign markets and sluggish sales of new models for the domestic market.

Winia Electronics eventually withdrew its local manufacturing plant in China last year, and even its Mexican manufacturing plant was at risk of being sold.

▶ Standing: Koo Young-seul
– “Winia Electronics is currently in the process of selling its production plant in Mexico, and after the sale, it has secured funds and announced that it will pay 3.6 billion earned in arrears from July at the earliest .”

The union intends to continue the sit-in indefinitely until management abandons restructuring.

This is Youngseul Koo’s KBC.

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