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‘Suggestion of sexual assault threat’ Je-Sera “Hands shaking and absurd.. Defamation response”

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Singer J-Sera made a direct statement on the allegations of sexual assault threats against famous singer J. Person A, who was claiming to be intimidating, confessed to him and said he would take legal action against defamation.

Netizen A, who introduced himself as a music-related influencer to an online community on the 28th, posted an article with the title, “I am being threatened by famous singer J.” In this article, Mr. A said in December last year that he received a DM (direct message) from Ms. J, who is famous for several hit songs, to work on music and worked on several videos. They claimed that they had and had skinship. Since then, Ms. J is threatening to say that she was ‘sexually assaulted’.

After that, Mr. A wrote that after Miss J gave her house password, she called her home from time to time and slept on an arm pillow with her about five times. Mr. A said, “Miss J took a sleeping pill and was mentally and physically weak on August 16th, and she refused to say, ‘You shouldn’t do this’ to me, and the film was cut off, and then she was sexually assaulted.” and claims to have been threatened. Mr. A also disclosed the contents of the message he had with Ms. J.

Afterwards, Mr. A said in an additional post, “It is true that I was so tired of Ms. J’s gaslighting for several months that I wanted them to stop spreading false information with this single post. In the future, if both J’s side threaten again or publish an article that is not true, then we will try to release the transcript and CCTV.” He also said that he received a threatening phone call from both sides of J that he would sue if he did not write.

As the article spread online, interest in ‘famous singer J-yang’ continued. Netizens speculated that Miss J was J-Sera, and in the end, J-Sera directly revealed her position through her SNS.

On the afternoon of the 30th, J-Sera posted a long article on her SNS and said, “I write because I think it is right for me to write quickly. My acquaintances told me that I was sexually harassed even though I didn’t know English, so my hands were shaking and I was so absurd that I could not even digest my daily routine,” he said.

He said, “With no need for lengthy explanations or reasons, if you look at the captured photos that he confessed to me, you can see that I don’t even like him, so why would I have to molest him? Trying to inflict such damage on me, who refused to confess because I had never felt that way, it hurts my heart even more, and I feel sorry for him.”

At the same time, J-Sera said, “Is it because I have a few hit songs that I know well, and the good activities planned in the future were not?” “I plan to respond to defamation-related matters, but people who know me are speculative. I’m more afraid of being offended by the article and turning away from me.”

With J-Sera directly expressing her position, attention is focused on whether Mr. A will make an additional new position.

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