Suh Hoon reports to President ‘North West Sea Civil Servant Rescue Situation’ in warrant review

First report from the security room where the sword was not secured

based on allegations of government rescue efforts

Pay attention to whether it will be a variable in the investigation and trial

The North Korean rescue situation was discovered in the document that former President Moon Jae-in first received from the National Security Office of the Blue House about the disappearance of Lee Dae-joon, a civil servant from the West Sea. Suh Hoon, the former head of the National Security Office, claims on the basis of this document that ‘if the North saved Mr Lee, it would try to return him through negotiations.’

‘How much effort did the government make to save the Mr. Missing Lee’ is one of the main issues in the West Sea Incident, along with how Mr. Lee into the sea (whether a mistake or an attempt to defect. North Korea). Attention is focused on whether the content of the document that the prosecution could not secure will change in future investigations and trials.

Summing up the coverage on the 7th, former chief Seo’s side reported to former President Moon regarding the West Sea incident that the Security Bureau held at the Seoul Central District Court on the 2nd around 6:00 pm on September 22 , 2020 in the pre-arrest questioning of the suspect (warrant review) The document itself was presented. This is the first time that former President Moon received a report about the incident in the West Sea, before Lee Dae-joon, an official in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, was killed.

The gist of the document is that information was found that the missing Mr Lee had been found in North Korean waters. The document also included conversations between North Koreans to the effect of “Leave him if he’s dead, save him if he’s alive.” It is assumed to be information based on special handling intelligence (SI). Based on this document, Seo’s side argued that when Lee was first discovered, the circumstances of North Korea’s rescue were caught, and if Lee was rescued, he was deemed to be returned through repatriation negotiations. In this way, he protested against the prosecution’s claim, “Why didn’t you save Mr. Lee?”

The Audit and Inspection Board also noted a written report from the National Security Office on September 22, 2020 at 6:36 pm as the first report former President Moon received regarding the West Sea incident in the results of the audit last October. The Audit and Inspection Board said the report contained information that “during the search, it was assumed to be an accident at sea, and North Korea received information that the missing person was found at sea.” However, the Audit and Inspection Board could not secure the documents as they were designated as presidential records.

The prosecution is said to have responded with a confused response when Suh presented documents that had not been obtained during the arrest warrant review. This is because Public Investigation Division 1 of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Lee Hee-dong) searched the Presidential Archives for three months from last September and could not find this document. Seo’s side said, “The document in question is a copy obtained during the internal reporting process and is not an illegal document.”

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