Suji Kang “I had no energy and I felt bad… It’s hard mentally” (‘Kang Suji TV’)

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Singer Susie Kang has revealed her recent situation.

On the 1st, Kang Suji posted a video titled ‘Natural(?) Suzy’s Daily Story’ on her YouTube channel ‘Live and Learn in Love with Kang Suji TV’.

Suji Kang, who said this is the first film of the new year in the video, said, “I had enteritis and I couldn’t eat well for several days. I had gastroenteritis, but I had to do a health check, so I was hungry again.

So I felt a bit sick. That is why my face became this shape.

She continued, “This is the first time I’ve said hello in 2023, but I was greeted without makeup. It’s late, but happy new year and be well.”

Suji Kang said, “After my father died, I also got corona and was sick for 3 months. I came all the way here while losing weight. It is true that I have lost a lot of energy,” he admitted that his health condition was deteriorating.

He added, “I didn’t work hard to organize the house. There was no father and no Viviana (daughter), so I was powerless. I did a lot of cleaning, but I didn’t do a lot of organizing. I can tell you I had a hard time. Mentally,” he said.

Suji Kang, who practiced golf diligently, said, “I can’t even practice golf these days. It’s a bit more of an upgrade from the level I showed you in the last video, but it’s like this.

From next week, I will go once a week.”

Then, she mentioned her husband Kim Kook-jin, saying, “I thought about going to the field with my husband in April, but I don’t know if I will be able to go out in April.”

Meanwhile, Kang Su-ji remarried in 2018 to comedian Kim Gook-jin, whom she met on the SBS entertainment program ‘Burning Youth’, and currently runs a YouTube channel and reveals her life every day. My father died in May last year.

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