Sumitra’s Daughter’s Accident Leads to Unexpected Turns in Family Dynamics

Sumitra Visits Daughter Sheetal After Fall

In a shocking incident, Sheetal, the daughter of Sumitra and Rohit, suffered a fall down the stairs while being pregnant. Fortunately, there were no major complications, but it left everyone in a state of fear. Sumitra and Rohit rushed to the scene to ensure their daughter’s well-being. However, due to Sheetal’s temporary discomfort, Sumitra had to temporarily stay at Sachin’s house.

This turn of events brought forward the commendable efforts of Vedika, who efficiently handled the affairs at Srinilayam during Sumitra’s absence. Vedika, the wife of Siddharth, Saraswati’s son, has stepped up admirably in managing the household. Interestingly, though, Saraswathiamma seems oblivious to Vedika’s contributions and remains unaware of the shift in responsibilities.

Siddharth, who had previously abandoned Vedika, found himself seeking solace in her companionship once again. This sudden reconciliation does not sit well with Saraswati and others, questioning Siddharth’s audacity to rekindle his closeness with the woman he once tried to avoid.

Tensions Rise as Sumitra Returns

On her return to Srinilayam, Sumitra comes bearing news of Vedika’s misdeeds, leaving Saraswathiamma dismayed. In the midst of this turmoil, Siddharth proposes a trip to Vedika, a plan that does not go unnoticed by Saraswati and the rest of the household. They express their disbelief at Siddharth’s apparent change of heart.

While others believe that Siddharth’s newfound affection stems from his understanding of Vedika’s illness, Sumitra remains unconvinced. She firmly believes that it is all a facade and vows to expose Siddharth’s true intentions.

However, even Vedika, who engages in phone conversations with Siddharth, falls victim to his counterfeit expressions of love. The only thing that prevents Vedika from fully embracing this apparent reconciliation is Siddharth’s derogatory remarks about Sumitra. Driven by doubts, Sumitra sets off to meet Siddharth the following day armed with a plan she shared with Vedika.

Vedika takes the opportunity to propose that they settle their divorce case with a lawyer before embarking on their trip. This innocent suggestion prompts Siddharth’s character to take a complete turn, leaving everyone in shock. Brace yourselves for Siddharth’s next act, which is set to shatter Sumitra in the upcoming episode of Kudumbavilak.

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Sheetal, Sumitra’s daughter, fell down the stairs while she was pregnant. Everyone was scared but there were no problems. But Sumitra and Rohit went there to see their daughter. Sumitra had to stay there temporarily as Sheetal had some discomfort. As Sumitra had to stay at Sachin’s house, it must be said that Vedika handled everything at Srinilayam beautifully. But Saraswathiamma has not caught anything that Vedika has taken over the affairs of the house. Vedika is the wife of Siddharth, the son of Saraswati. Siddharth left Vedika and is now protected by his first wife Sumitra. Saraswati, who lives with Sumitra, no longer likes Sumitra and Vedika.

Staying at Sachin’s house for Sumitra is a relief for them. But they think it will be sad if Sumitra leaves the next day. Sachin asks, ‘Is it enough if you leave two days after Aunty’? Sumitra replies with love. Sumitra says Sheetal is fine now, Aunty will come if she needs anything and goes back to Srinilayam. There, Sumitra makes a good return to Saraswathiamma, who upsets the entire pool and tells her about Vedika’s crimes. Meanwhile, Siddharth gets closer to Vedika again. Siddharth tells Vedika that we can go on a trip. Saraswati and others know this. They ask if Siddharth is not ashamed to get close to the woman he tried to avoid. But Sumitra feels some doubts that no one else feels. Those were the wrong feelings.

People including Rohit think that this love is the feeling that came to Siddharth who understood Vedika’s illness etc. But Sumitra says this is fake and she will prove it. But even Vedika, who takes Siddharth’s call and talks, falls for Siddharth’s fake love. The only thing that stopped Vedika from digesting it was what Siddharth said about Sumitra. However, Vedika goes to meet Siddharth the next day with some plans that Sumitra told her. There too, Vedika tells Siddharth, who is acting like a love interest, that we can settle the divorce case with the lawyer before we leave for the trip. But after hearing that, Siddharth’s character changes completely. So Siddharth’s next drama is also Sumitra’s breakdown in the new episode of Kudumbavilak.

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