Summary for “Mr.

Summary for “Mr.

a television script : Chawanon Sarapat, Wannawin Suknoi, Thananan Khamsri
direct : Worawit Kattiyayothin
drama : period drama
production director : Takonkiat Virawan, Niphon Phimnen
broadcast date : Every Monday – Tuesday at 8:30 pm on Channel 31
broadcast duration : First episode, Monday 3 October.

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The Society of the Five Dragons Under the leadership of the magnate Song (Tan Sacred), the big brother who is good at business management. and control people in society But things inside the house are chaotic. Because the Song magnate has 3 wives, Li (Pok Piyathida), the big wife, has the eldest son of the family, Tian (Film Thanaphat) and Chan (Pei Panwad), the second wife has a son, Yang (Tong Tong Krit ). ) Sakorn) and Bua (Kik Mayurin), the wife of the bride and groom. but with Chinese blood Masculinity equates to greatness, The eldest son is the face of the family that must be inherited. Continue the power created by the father The position of Mr. Chai is suitable for everyone. But that is the goal of many people. So it caused strife and tragedy! When the “boys of love” love is blocked in the Chinese society He decides to choose the path of life. And how is this love


Thanaphat Kawila: Tian
Kritsakorn Kanokthorn : Yang
Sacred Gold Bar : Magnate Song
Piyathida Mittheerarot : Lee
Panwad Hemanee : Monday
Camilla Kittiwat : Yingphin
Rachata Hampanont: Jew
Somchai Kemglad: Chao Sua Ma
Ratha Pho-ngam: Cai Xiaotong
Mayurin Phongpudphan : Bua
Prima Ratchata : Agia
Wattana Kamtornthip : Sage Zhang
Tee Doc Neem : Arpao
Thanongsak Supakarn : Doctor Chi
Pitchaya Tippala : Mud
Muay Chuanchuen : Nuan

guest performer
Nat Thewphaingarm: Pot
Pattaraphon Cantapoj : Tong

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