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TISCO Securities looks at Thai stocks, outperforming world stocks, recommends buying stocks in 4 themes, spreading risks
TISCO Securities pointed out that the Thai stock market is still moving in a better direction than the world stock market. Recommend gradual accumulation during the last curve of the year 65 in 4 themes to diversify risk for stock market volatility. Both stocks with rising interest rates, open stocks, stocks with specific positive factors, and bottom fishing stocks.

GBS expects this week’s SET frame at 1,550-1,600 points, suggesting export stocks are growing a weaker baht.
GBS sees Thai stocks as volatile this week, receives higher-than-expected inflation figures, evaluates the index at 1,550-1,600 points, and recommends a strategy to invest in stocks that benefit from strong exports in August 65, as the baht depreciated, raising 6 excellent stocks worth investing in BRR-KSL -TFG-GFPT-ASIAN-JUBILE

GBS sees gold this week to swing in a range of $ 1,600-1,700, suggesting speculation in the frame, keeping an eye on US labor numbers and inflation.
Nuttawut Wongyaowarak Mr Research Director Globlex Securities Company Limited (GBS) revealed that this October is still a key issue for gold. Because late last month, the Bank of England returned to buying government bonds in an unlimited amount. This was due to the need to stabilize the bond market and the domestic financial market. As a result, the dollar index began to weaken.

Today’s top stocks: SCB wins big budget for Q3/22 … and plenty of things to improve!
This morning (4 Oct. 65), SCB jumped up to 2.45%, expecting a rebound following the return of the SET to close up 18.96 points, with support for an interim dividend yield of 1.45% – Interest rate Uptrend. Although the brokerage expects Q3/65 profit to grow YoY – QoQ after higher interest income – lower reserves, supporting the need to raise the profit target for 65 – 14 – 19%.

PTT expects that the price of oil and natural gas will decrease next year, affecting the economy less.
PTT expects oil and natural gas prices to fall next year. hope to have less impact on the economy from this year onwards with a target of 30% profit from future energy business by 2030

JMART announces that the market cap for the whole group in year 67 touches 5 hundred thousand baht, let’s go to invest 2-3 thousand baht.
JMART reveals year 66, has set a budget of 2-3 billion baht for investment – M&A repeats the target of profit growth of 50% per year during 3 years

PCC beats IPO price at 4 baht per share Open to reserve 10-12 Oct 65 – trading within this Oct.
PCC beats the IPO price at 4.00 baht / share, which is scheduled to open for subscription between October 10-12, 2022, which is expected to trade in the SET this October. financial advisor Confident that investors will give an excellent response. To be a leader in the Smart Grid integrated solutions business. Believing that future performance trends are excellent Willing to launch new projects to support sustainable business growth Generate good returns for shareholders

KBANK raises opportunity to increase returns through “Global Private Equity Fund”
KBank Private Banking (KBank Private Banking) highlights the investment opportunity in it “Global Private Equity”, an alternative asset that will increase your investment portfolio amid uncertain economic conditions and capital market instability.

WHA steps up cash stockpile Dealing with next year’s period of volatility – hot politics not affecting performance
WHA is confident in this year’s All Time High performance. Having an industrial estate business – logistics is growing well. As for next year, hurry to stock up on cash – be more careful with investments. After economists see that the Thai economy can experience shocks No fear of politics affecting performance but ask the government to Continue the policy

“Betagro (BTG)” beats IPO price at 40 baht/share retail, reserve 10-17 Oct.
“Betagro Public Company Limited (BTG)” announces the IPO sale price at 40 baht per share, open for retail subscriptions 10-17 October. Reserve foreign institutions and countries 20-25 October 65 Confirms share price against P/E around 21 times , lower than 3 companies in the same business as CPF – TFG and GFPT.

ASPS scans 19 stocks for oversold – strong returns next year, should be accumulated during the SET down
ASPS scans strong fundamental stocks during a heavy downturn, found 19, head high – into the oversold zone and earnings growth next year Joy should be accumulated to expect results in the 2-3 month period.

Gold trade prime minister warns of gold being sold for profit after sharp rise, resisting $1,705
The President of the Gold Trade Association warns investors to be wary of gold being sold, taking profits after a strong jump, looking at a resistance of 1,705 dollars, while bullion in the country gives resistance at 30,500 baht.

“Paramin” tweets DeFi is also considered schematically. reasons for different understandings
FIRO founder and famous Thai developer “Paramin Insom” posted a Twitter story DeFi understands why some countries are trying to block. look partly because people still don’t understand and assume it’s a chain link

The Bank of Thailand has started! test the level of innovation Write a program on the digital baht.
Proceed as planned!!! Bank of Thailand Entering the “Innovation level” testing period on CBDC Retail or digital baht, the latest has selected the top 10 teams of developers from a total of 102 teams, open for submissions on October 22 , 65 before announcing the winners on October 28 y c.

The Bank of Thailand is confident that the economy will continue to grow – confirms that it is ready to take care of the baht if abnormal volatility
The governor of the Bank of Thailand is confident that the Thai economy will grow 3.3% this year, while the year 66 is expected to grow 3.8%, explaining that the baht depreciates to 38 baht/dollar There is no lack of stability. Willing to take care of some baht If abnormal fluctuations are detected

Guru looks at Thailand’s economy Many risk factors. Recommend the creation of reserves – a tourism boom to support
An economic guru looks at the Thai economy in 65-66 years, facing challenges. World economic downturn – Export slowdown – Inflation suggests creation of reserves – Tourism boom as a buffer

Source: Thai News Agency E-finance

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