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Kyiv ∙ Very concerned about Russia intensifying attacks on populated areas in Ukraine. During the week many cities in the country came under continuous looting. It is feared that the attacks will increase the casualties as the local people return to the cities that were recaptured from the Russian forces. The British Ministry of Defense also warned that there is a possibility that Russia will intensify its attacks on the settlements after having to withdraw from the north-eastern regions.

Last day, 5 people were killed in the Russian attack in the Donetsk region. A number of large buildings, gas pipelines and power lines were destroyed in Nikopol. A few people were injured in an attack on a hospital in the city of Mykalev.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that much evidence of mass atrocities by the Russian army had come out. The bodies of 17 Ukrainian soldiers were found buried in the city of Issyam.

Zelensky also said that at least 10 torture centers were found in Kosacha Lopan, near the Russian border in the Kharkiv region. Last week, around 400 civilians were found hiding here. Russia has not responded to news of the discovery of the graves.

US President Joe Biden called on Russia not to use nuclear and chemical weapons. Biden made the comments following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s indication that the war could be unusual.

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