Summary of “SEA Games 2021” medals, Thai athletes collect more gold medals, hold the 2nd tight

Army Medal Summary Thai athlete In the battle of the fair”SEA Games 2021“In Hanoi, Vietnam, by the work of the Thai national team athletes, 62 gold medals, 68 silver medals and 95 bronze medals

Thai athletes Compete and win medals in the competition. both before the race and during May 12-23 of “SEA Games 2021” By the results of Thursday, May 19, concluded today, the gold medalist is also the host Vietnam 153 gold medals, 90 silver medals, 84 bronze medals, a total of 327 medals, leading to 2nd place Thai Which moved up there are 62 gold coins, 68 silver coins, 95 bronze coins, a total of 225 coins. Singapore Collect 44 gold coins

by today Thai athletes Collect more gold coins up to 10 gold coins from Jutatip Maneephan Road cycling athletes won gold medals, Thai archery athlete The women’s training team consists of Natty Kanyawee Maneesombatkul , Chompoo Kotchakon Pratumsuwan and Pearl Kanoknaphat Kaewchompoo Scored a win in Vietnam 230 – 221, won the gold medal , kayak athlete Category 2 men and women 1,000 meters Kanthida Nurun and Thousands of blessings, a bunch of wood Finished the first team with a time of 4:13.241 minutes to win the gold medal , Thanyathorn Sukcharoen Female weightlifter in the 45 kg category with a combined lifting of Snatch and Clean and Jerks 174 kg won the gold medal. Surjana Khambao Female weightlifter, 49 kg, with a combined lifting of 195 kg snatch and clean and jerk, won the gold medal.

Tennis Panipak Wongpattanakit Female taekwondo athletes in the 49kg category defeated their rivals from Myanmar 29-0 to win the gold medal, Marwin Athi Sararat Athletes in Taekwondo, 81kg, men’s category, defeated their competitor from Indonesia 19-6 to win the gold medal, Thai women’s futsal team beat Vietnam 2-1 to win gold and Petanque athlete together with Anuphong Khamfu, Nattaya Yuthong and Sudarat Thason Defeated Lao PDR 13-8 points and won the gold medal.

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